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Angelic Soles: Gaige by Poposan
Shrink High by Poposan
Heart of Frost by Poposan
Chaos Angel: Morrigan by Poposan
Admin Sentinel: Vincent Hale by Poposan
Note: If you have a girl thats not on this list just link me to her on the SFM or Gmod Workshop. Also ask about free requests. If I think you show enough dedication I will not charge you.  

The Art that I do..


Oc TF2 Character Portraits.

Character Fan art? 

Angelic Soles (Foot Sole Shot)

Giantess/Shrink Fetish image

Commission Rules…..


1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless it’s Konata


2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following!!


> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Anything Like that

> Slash



Be aware they price may change based on the amount of posing and props I will add.


Current Chaos Angel List… (The Girls that appear in my stories)


Chaos Angel Ayane (DOA)

Chaos Angel Kasumi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Hitomi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Yuna (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Pain (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Rikku (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Tifa (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Cammy (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Juri-Han (Street Fighter) 

Chaos Angel Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Chaos Angel Namine (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Elsa (Disney) 

Chaos Angel Anna (Disney)

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell (Disney)

Chaos Angel Jasmine (Disney)

Chaos Angel Rukia (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Neliel (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Yoruichi (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Moxxi (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Lilith (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Maya (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Gaige (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Kanade (Angle Beats!) 

Chaos Angel Yui (Angel Beats!)

Chaos Angel Miku (Vocaloid MMDDT)  

Chaos Angel Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Mikuru (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Yuki (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Jeanette   (Vampire The Masquerade) 

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) 

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 

Chaos Angel Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Chaos Angel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

Chaos Angel Nami (One Piece) 

Chaos Angel Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 

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Chaos Angel: Zelda by PoposanMiku's Relaxing Afternoon. by PoposanPrincess Peach Ascend by PoposanAt The Feet Of The Fire Hawk by PoposanNight of The Gigantic Girl by PoposanShrink High by PoposanAngelic Soles: Elsa Arendelle by Poposan

AoC (Agents Of Chaos)

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale,

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsir-ethin: Ethin James

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale

:iconkylec65: Kyle (Not yet established)

:iconrandom101man: Olivia Andalusia

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:icontheia226: Kamari, Theia

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes


Whats your favorite Christmas Sweet
10 deviants said Fudge
9 deviants said Ginger Bread
6 deviants said Candy Canes
6 deviants said Sugar cookies
Angelic Jugment by Poposan
Angelic Jugment

Story Written by: :iconpoposan: & :icongensamus: 

Starring Deviants 


Archangel Mad Moxxi by Poposan< Learn About Archangel Moxxi here! 

Giantess:  Mad Moxxi


Location: Moxxi's Penthouse


SFM Map: Stage  


Time on pic: 10 hours


Giantess Mood: Promiscuous 

Target Emotional State Monitor for Chaos Energy...

Tanks from Fear: 12 

Tanks From Passion: 2

Other Tankas fill from Targets emotion: 3 

Chaos Energy burned to maintain The Shrink: 0 

Total Shipped Tanks: 17 

Tools Used Source film Maker, GIMP 2.8, Ms Paint

Roleplays Available 

A: Surviving a gts rampage shift Or being a shrunken victim...(Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity)

Create a character to run from the giants trying to smash you under foot, or eat you. Encounter citizens being crushed, eaten sat on ect...

The goal is to get far away from her, make good choices and don’t do stupid things of course..

Bonus points for acting heroic, being descriptive in your replies too.

B: Shrunken Borrower or Shrunken Victim in the Angels house. (Dating SIM, Foot worship, No Sex, Romantic, ect, Comedy, Nudity) 

Ether surviving your new shrunken life or gathering supplies for you Borrower clan you must watch out for certain things like the feet of the Angel swatters newspapers ect to survive. I hope she doesn’t have a cat…

The goal is to ether get out of dodge and return to normal size or survive you everyday encounter’s with the gigantic woman.

C: Date Night

Go on a date with the Angel featured in the image and make her happy to win a kiss and a peek at the goods :P (Lick) (Lick)

The goal will be getting the Angel to 100% happiness to win.

D: Your AoC OC story (Sci-Fi, Anime, Action, Comedy, Slice of Life)  ‘

Do whatever you want from watching a game with Vince to getting a pedicure with Elizabeth or training with Connie this is pretty much a slice of everyday life. 

E: Be a giantess or torment your shrinkys (Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity)
Become the shifting Angel and Stomp your city of your choice. Or even use an Oc you made to be the giant. 

- AoC Season 2 Episode 7 R.I.P Rikku - 

Rikku, Yuna, and Paine’s Penthouse apartment 7:30am

You see Paine Sleeping in her bed hair all messed up in an oversized Jack Skelington T with bare feet and sleeping half way above her covers snoring. Suddenly the TV out in the front room starts blaring this:…. Paine screams and jumps up to the celling like a cat)
Rikku: (Sitting on the sofa in her nightdress with bare feet and her hair up in pigtails) HOLY SHIT WHERES PERY! Rikku starts laughing and then chokes on her reeses puffs cereal she’s eating as Paine stomps out with a very angry look on her face) Hi Paine! ^^ Good morning! How did you sleep?
Paine: (Starts to shake and turn red then smiles) Fine…..Just fine! (Paine leaves the room)
Yuna: Wow you didn’t even punch her, Good job. You want some coffee? (Yuna still in her oversized GIR T shirt from Invader ZIM)
Paine: Yeah I’m just trying to deal with the anger and suppress it……
Yuna: You sure that’s wise girl?
Paine: MEH! (We then see inside Paine’s head with ten Rikku shaped Tumors singing the fun song from SpongeBob) What harm could it do?
Yuna: You’re bleeding out your ears…
Paine: Uhhhh…well that tears that to bits…(Holds up a sword) Going to kill her now…BYE!
Yuna: Wait!!! Rikku is annoying sure, but she’s still a very sweet girl…and also my cousin…Lets just hold out on the sword for now…okay?
Paine: Fiddle sticks… (Sits back at the breakfast nook)
Elsa: Hey something has to be done (Elsa sitting next to Pain in a night a very expensive night gown) She called me at 6 AM  to tell me she thinks she seen Queen Elsa from frozen running around styles inc… and Tinkerbell….I spent 40 minutes convincing her test I’m Elsa…
Ethin: Yeah she gets very annoying (Ethin is also wearing a night dress and has his hair up in a bun but is holding a bag of Panties)
Nami: (Dressed in an oversized T of Nirvana) She came to my place at 5:30 to try and steal my gold…Just because I was a pirate doesn’t mean I have a chest full of gold! She also was dressed like a pirate captain and fought me with a saber…to the Pirates of the Caribbean song….
Yuna: What are you all doing in my house at this hour??? Whatever…anyway…Why don’t you all just ignore Rikku for a day or so? Perhaps she’ll lay off the stupid…
Elsa: It couldn’t hurt…I’ll send a text about it.. Perhaps this will be good for Rikku….Well I’m off to spy on Vince in the shower…Bye bye…
Yuna: Wow wee…For a Disney Princess she’s rather purvey…

-Styles Inc.. 11:00 Am –

Paine: You ladies got that? Ignore Rikku pretend she isn’t even here…
Nel: It seems kind of mean to do that to block head….
Morrigan: But if you think it will help…then we’ll all do it…
(Rikku comes in the room) HEY GIRLS! I GOT A NEW DRESS!
(Konata Blows up nobody even looks up)

Rikku: Girls? …Hello?
Paine: (Reading a magazine)
Rikku: Paine!!! Hello! How was your day! Paine! ….nobody can hear me…..What’s going on….?
(Gasp) Maybe I died on my way back from the mall!!!! I must have gotten in a car accident….(Starts to cry and run out of the room)
Morrigan: Awwww, pour thing thinks she died….I feel like a jerk…
Paine: It’s for her own good…Can we has a funeral? This could be fun!
Yoko: Uhhh, Vince said no funerals mates… remember…
Paine: Hey I had nothing to do with that stunt in Tahoe…
Kairi: I still miss them….2013 flats..(Sobs)
Paine: You’re all retarded…

- Team Aensland's Penthouse Apartment 7:40 am -

Lilith Aensland: (Sitting at a counter eating her cereal, sees her phone vibrates) Huh? What this?
Connie: (Walks in with a Mass Effect N7 T-shirt barefoot) You got it too?
Lilith Aensland: Yeah, It's from Elsa
Morrigan: (Comes into the kitchen, wrapped in a towel) What are you two talking about?
Connie: Rikku's antics are pissing the other angels off
Lilith Aensland: Yeah, Elsa is suggesting that we all ignore her for a day
Connie: Sounds like a plan, I hope she doesn't do anything stupid. Knowing our luck, she'd do anything for attention
Morrigan: (Grabs a cup of tea) I swear that girl fell off a turnip truck
Connie: (Grabs a cup of tea) or sniffed super glue as a child
Morrigan: So, are you girls ready? ^^
Connie: I just need to put on my uniform
Morrigan: And you Lilith?
Lilith Aensland: Oh I have plans to show Jill around Center City ^^. We'll meet up with you two at lunch
Connie: Sounds like a plan Lili ^^.

- Moxxi's Penthouse Above Styles Inc… 9:00am -

Hansome Jack: (Wakes up) Huh....where am I?
Lilith: Awwww, look who's woken up
Moxxi: Oh, you've finally woken up…Welcome to the seventh layer of Hell…
Handsome Jack: Wha? What's going on? How did? You've grown! What did you four bandits do to me!
Maya: (Into Lilith's Ear) this is perfect… What a better way to finally get back at this little… Douchebag….
Gaige: Awww I just want to break you little limbs off one by one! …. What do we do fist Moxxi?
Moxxi: Play with him of course sugar… Forever and Ever….and if we play to ruff, well you just come back to life, won’t you little Jack…
Handsome Jack: Oh, my. I don't know if this heaven or hell. But I'm sure as going to enjoy having a good old time with you four… So take your tops off!!!
Moxxi: (Puts on a sly smile) Oh I'm sure you will (winks at the other three girls)
Handsome Jack: How about old motor boat there, Ol' Balloon Tits… And hey no hard feelings about Rolland and Pandora right…
Moxxi: Oh sure LITTLE Jack (Grabs him crushing a few ribs then stuffs him in her goddess like cleavage and places him in between her breasts, then crushes him until, Jacks muffled screams go Silent)
Handsome Jack: (Gets revived) Dafuq was that? You killed me! That was horrible… and hot! Mostly hot but still horrible!
Moxxi: And it was just too much fun, care for another round?
Handsome Jack: No-no-nope!
Gaige: Daww, but it's so much fun watching you suffer….And you tiny little cock getting hard at the same time….
Handsome Jack: You're not angels, you're bandits! You'll all pay for messing with Handsome Jack!
Maya: (Rolls her eyes) Oh please… What can you even do….

Lilith: (Flicks Handsome Jack onto a wall then finishes him off with a slap)… oh my god that felt right..
Handsome Jack: (Gets revived) You did it again, I swear, do that again and I'll....
Moxxi: Or what?
Handsome Jack: ....strangle you?
Gaige: Hahahahahahaha! Fucking hilarious! You couldn’t even strangle a cockroach!
Moxxi: Want to know a little secret?
Hansome Jack: What? What do you need to tell me
Moxxi: Your my personal play thing (lifts her bare foot) forever! ^^
Hansome Jack: Awww son of a taint…! (Gets squished)
Moxxi: Later, sugar ^^ (twists her foot) I think I could do that all damn day…
Maya: Well Laters got to go laugh at Rikku being as dumb as goat piss. (Leaves)

Lilith: Say, what are we going to do with his pony made of diamonds?
Moxxi: Oh we can sell, it to the broneys. They'll buy that shit any day…
Lilith: Sweet! Funds for the pot account! ^^
Handsome Jack: (revived, again) you’re all savages! Bandits! Filthy bandits!
Lilith: *Yawn*
Moxxi: (Picks up Jack by his collar) I think my little pet needs a little time out….
Handsome Jack: What, what are you doing? You're going to throw me in there?!
Moxxi: (Plops Jack in a lizard tank. Complete with a hamster's wheel and a set up for his food and drink) Have fun in your new home ^^ Don’t you look so cute (Grins evilly)
Part 2

Rikku: Now that I’m all dead and shit…what will I do, how will I shop….I guess I have no choice but to wear this..(Welling up as she puts on a stupid ghost sheet witch goes down to her Calves you can still see her designer Pumps as she walks down Center Ave howling like a spook.) Woooooooooooo……I’m a ghost I’ll haunt you…. Woooooooooooooo…
(Paine and Maya drive up in Mayas Low-rider)
Maya: (Starts busting up) Awww this is to fucking funny…Should we stop before junior hurts her face…?
Paine: Are you kidding me! This shit is gold… (Filming) I’ll call it retarded girl thinks she’s dead…
Maya: Not much of a title…
Paine: Ah go fuck yourself… dude, watch this…. HEY RIKKU, YOU LOOK PRETTY DEAD GIRL…
Rikku: I know, nobody can see me too (Runs away crying still screaming woooooooooooooo)
Maya: …Yikes…just, yikes… Should we keep an eye on her?
Paine: What can the little fool get herself into…She’ll get hungry and come back then..lets grap a burger..
Maya: Halla!
(Maya and Paine drive and park at the Fuddruckers parking lot)
A montage is played showing Rikku traveling on foot on B.A.R.T (Subway), Bus and Taxi screaming wooooo and sobbing still dressed like a ghost while playing this…….

-Tahoe California Lakeside Manor –

Elizabeth: I just love this new hot spring tub I had installed on my deck! (Dressed in her bikini)
Olivia: Uhhhhh, don’t you have a full working Hot spring Japanese bath house down stairs….?
Elizabeth: Shut it whelp… now, go play with you stupid pony toys with Tombo or some shit….
Olivia: FINE! Pinky Pie is way cooler then my stupid big sister! (Goes into her room you get a brief look at Tombo tired up dressed like a Pony gaged and bound, he is screaming for help as the door shuts)
Elizabeth: (Dips into the tub) Ohhhhhh yeah.. Such bliss…. (What’s this? Oh a text from Elsa? Hmmm pay no attention to Rikku….Trying to teach her to be less annoying… hmmm, Okay I hope the little fool doesn’t do anything to stupid…
Rikku: (Is walking up the steps to Elizabeth’s deck) Woooooooo Lizzy this is Rikku from beyond the grave! Help me Lizzy nobody can see me or hear me!
Elizabeth: Its fucking cold out here…^^ I better head in for some tea. (Lizzy gets up and leaves)
Rikku: She didn’t hear me at all….(Starts to weep) What do I do…!

Olivia: Oh hi Rikku….What’s you doing in that sheet?
Rikku: You can see me!!!
Olivia:…Yeah…Of course I can stupid…
Rikku: I don’t want to alarm you.. But.. I died in a car accident…. None of the girls can see or hear me…
Olivia: You didn’t… (Looks at Lizzy’s smart phone) Heh…(Big grin) Well Rikku I can talk to the dead…I want to help you…
Rikku: You can!!!
Olivia: Sure…I can even make it so the girls can see you again…
Rikku: What do I have to do!
Olivia: Well that’s very simple….(Smiles)

-Cuts to Rikku and Olivia having a tea Party-
Rikku: Wow I thought you were going to make me serve you or some shit….
Olivia: Nah….More tea Pinky Pie?
Tombo: (Muffled screams as Olivia pours tea)
Oliva: Now…as for the Idea of bringing you back to life…the first thing we need to do is starts to whisper in Rikku’s ear.
- We then see a montage of Rikku suiting up in black, loading a silenced pistol and boarding Jet that flys up and she parachutes out landing in water, she flips on a light and swims to the beach wear she gets rid of her suit and takes out the gun and starts to creep up to a wall staying in the shadows, she creep’s into a room and steals a book from a case then jumps out the window and runs off hotwiring a car then driving off into the darkness. Like a badass ninja… We then see Rikku drive back up to the same drive way and enter the door and hand the book to Olivia who was just in the other room.
Rikku: Okay there’s Elizabeth’s Dairy now make me live again!
Olivia: Oh I was lying I can’t make you come back to life… Have fun with that… (Giggles while reading the dairy)
Rikku: you’re mean!
Olivia: Yup….
We see Rikku dawn her sheet again and travel back to Center city this time on a jet…even if it’s only 100 miles away,…then a train…then a cruise liner while playing this again….…

-Center City California-

Rikku: Woooooo (Sobs) Wooooooo… (Sobs) I wanna be alive again….
Yuna: (Looking from the other room) Aww you girls took it to far…(Stuffs her mouth full of chocolate ice cream)
Elsa: Awww I feel so bad now.. Perhaps we should stop ignoring the poor thing? (Stuffs her mouth full of chocolate ice cream)
Paine: It’s working! We should keep going! After all she’ll just go back to her old self! (Stuffs her mouth full of chocolate ice cream)

- Center City Park 11:50am -

Shrunken Man: Meep! (Gets squished by Jill's boot)
Jill: (Twists her boot) Ugh! Such nasty bugs
Lilith Aensland: I think he wanted to have a taste of your ice cream ^^ … Or get in your pants…
Jill: Oh look, it's Princess Stupid.
Lilith Aensland: Just, don't pay attention to her…
Rikku: Maybe Lil and Jill can see me, Hey! Over here! (Waves her arms like an idiot, then realizes they're not paying attention to her) It's true! I am dead! (Continues running off, crying)
Jill: What the fuck is her problem?
Lilith Aensland: Who knows? Anyway, let's go back to Connie’s Office
-The next morning-

Vince: Yeah you guys sell plane coffee?
Starbucks Employee: Uhhhhhhh what are you 70? Don’t you want a caramel apple mochachokabliztballjumpingofftheroofbubblegum frappuccino?
Vince: …… Uhhh one Coffee please….
Saida: Hurry up big brother and order! >.<
Vince: Fine! I’ll have a whatever you just said…..
Starbucks Employee: Okay… Short.. Tall.. Grande or Venti?
Vince: (Face plats on his horn) I hate Starbucks…..Wait a tic? Is that Rikku in a sheet?
Saida: Ohhh were all ignoring her… ^^
Vince: Why?
Vyers: I would ask the same (Sipping Coffee in the back of Vines Truck)
Miku: She’s so annoying! Is why >.<
Vyers: Come come now… Rikku is adorable…You girls shouldn’t be so harsh to her…
Miku: She’s gone too far… Waking me up at 4am to say my hair is made of Taffy….
Vince: Still you girls should be nicer to her. Okay now… Why is she in a bloody sheet?
Saida: She thinks she’s dead….
Vince: Yeah that’s the line….

- Center Ave-
Rikku: Boooowooooowooooo I’m a ghost boooowhoooo…

(Maya and Paine parked in an alleyway eating Mc Muffin’s)

Paine: Man this is just not getting old…
Maya: Yeah we been driving around for two days eating fast food and laughing at Rikku on and smoking a ton of pot….(Oh look I coughed up blood again)
Paine: Metal…
Maya: boy she sure is a dumbass…..
Paine: What?
Maya: I just got a buzz…
Paine: You have smoked a garbage bag of weed…
Maya: No I mean my telepathic since going nuts….
Paine: What about….
Maya: Danger….Rikku….Oh shit Paine we got to get her! (Maya slams her foot on the gas and peels out)
Paine: (Screaming) Maya what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk!
Maya: I had a vision!
Paine: About what!!!
Maya: Rikku getting hurt.
Paine: ………………..So.
Maya: Oh come on now you don’t want her hurt…
Maya: (With her smart Phone to her Ear) Pick up Vince….
Vince: I take it your calling in regards to Rikku being in a sheet?
Maya: No that’s funny as hell…. I’m worried about my
Vince: K?
Maya: Rikku gets hurt! Bad!
Vince: (Hangs up and you see him take flight from a parking lot along with Vyers and Saida)
Miku: (Now driving the truck) Well that escalated fast?
Vince: I think I see Rikku….
Rikku: Wooooo boooohoooowoooooo……I’m a ghost….
Vince: Rikku!!!
Rikku: Vince?
Vince: (Gets zapped by a beam and falls down to the street)
Saida: What the, Big brother! (Gets zapped too)
Vyers: (Lands) what in the galaxy are they… (… (Vyers summons his Katana)
(As five 14 foot tall Robots come rolling in over top cars and almost on civilian’s trying to escape)
(A Helicopter hovers over the warzone and a familiar voice comes over a loud speaker)
Voice: Well ET how is your bitch and a half of a sister doing?
Vyers: (Looks up) Better then you face is… misère Black…
Dr: Black (with a scarred face) She did this to me…and now I’m going to do the same to you…
Vyers: You mean your toys…(Gets ready) You know Black you are a pretty huge. coward…You rely on sneak attacks to win. Try the same on me then!
Dr. Black: I won’t have to… This was a field test for my Admin Busters…They seem to work pretty well… All that info Eagle’s been giving us over the last few weeks has helped out tons…It’s a good thing we gave her a micro-computer chip in her skull to rely all she sees…This cosmic Tec is phenomenal…Just phenomenal…. We almost have everything ready to take over…This government has gotten soft they welcome you things in with open arms… Burt no matter…We’ll deal with that…
Vyers: How could we be so carless…(Smart phone rings) …Hello…
Eagle: Hi cowboy… I just want you to know the girls and I are really bonding well…Oh how is Vince doing? Not well is he Vyers!
Gen Shepard: You got a choice now Admin…. Save them or the girls? What will it be?
Vyers: …… (Fly’s off to Styles Inc.)
Gen Shepard: Shoot him down (Puffs cigar)
Unit1: Yes sir..(Starts to aim the Cosmic EMP cannon but is cut down at the last moment in half by a pretty large buster blade)
Vyers: (Flying) Thanks bro…
Symonds: I didn’t expect to see you pathetic sewers back here…(Puts away his Buster sword) It’s a good thing I keep tabs on the Admins here now isn’t it….(Cracks knuckles)  Now who wants to dance!
(Units 2 – 5 start to roll around Symonds and power up there buster cannons)
Symonds: (Grins) Oh btw I got back up of my own….
(Kon jumps out from an alleyway and lands on a Busters head, and starts to squeeze around its neck)
Kon: Kon think itsy bitsy robot is baby toy! (The head pops off like nothing and the robot falls to the ground sparking)
Symonds: Good to see you again big guy….
Kon: Kon feel it’s not a good time for welcome’s more like it time for….
Symonds: Smash?
Kon: (Grins as they both run at the robots blazing their guns)
Vyers (flying toward Styles Inc) I have to get to the (Gets knocked down by a blast) what in the…
Eagle: Ohh this is a fun toy… I get it now… This cosmic feeling is just wonderful… (Takes out her sword) Care to dance for their lives and your honor pretty man?
Vyers: How?
Eagle: Ohhhh (Holds up a pill) we are able to synthetically mimic your powers…Is that a fair trade off?
Warhead: ( A tall hulk like Earth Admin flys up to Eagle) We have the package….
Eagle: Good….Return to base…I will stay here…
Warhead: But…
Eagle: That is an Order!
Warhead: Hoorah…(Flys off)
Vyers: What are you up too!
Eagle: No matter soon it will all make since…You see this whole thing was a diversion…What we really came after was her….(Points to Maya’s car) We just figured out about the Sirens…There power if focused right is gargantuan compared to your cosmic spark…Now what if we were to use this?
Vyers: Stay away from MAYA! (Draws blade)
Eagle: Did I strike a nerve? I would have rather seen that bitch in black before me but she’s taking a power nap…The wonders of a cosmic EMP.
Vyers: It isn’t in my code to fight a woman….But I will not let you harm Maya.
Eagle: Ohhh what a big strong man you are…. So noble…. With new world order comes sacrifice….and that will be the first..(Charges up and fires at a woman trying to escape but before the bolt hits Vyers pushes her out of the way)
Vyers: You coward! Your using your new ability’s to bully those wreaker then you….You go agents the morale code of all admins!
Eagle: What will your next move be gentleman….
Voice: He won’t…I will….(Eagle turns around to see Connie’s fist plant right in her face)
Connie: (Summons God-Splitter) Earthlings like you have no honor…You wield that sword like you are Samurai….But you will never have the honor witch the Samurai live by) omae no aite wa ore da…
Vyers: (Down on the street) Hmmmmm… You should get to safety now madmazel…(Hands her a flower) (Vyers is swung at my Warhead’s fist blade) Oh…Whats this…Ah you’re not a woman…I think…
Warhead: What’s that you said runt! (As the saved woman runs for cover)
Vyers: (Puts his long black hair in a pony tile) Nothing…say sport you look like you want to dance! (Summons Katana) Shall we then?

(We see a stare down between Vyers and Warhead and Connie and Eagle as the sun sets over the bay area city)

To Be continued……

Archangel Mad Moxxi by Poposan
Archangel Mad Moxxi
I hope you guys like this I love how Moxxi came out after GIMP. 


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Angels Name: Moxxi
Club Angels Nickname if any: Queen Velvet
Age of Angel: 45
Nationality: American
Original Game or Toon /Anime Appearance: Borderlands
Hair color: Brown
Eyecolor: Deep Green
Lives: Center City California above Club Angelz (Styles Inc. 12th floor)
Normal Job: Head Mistress of Club Angelz/Business Owner  
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Oysters, Strawberries, Banana’s….. Foot long hotdogs……… Popsicles…(Okay okay I’ll stop XD)
Music of Choice: Metal, RMB, Hip-hop, Techno, Country Music (Secretly)
Fashion Choice: Ornate, Glamorous, Nude…
Other Hobbies: LOL NEED YOU ASK… she knits…..dumbass….its obvious,

Styles Inc.… 5:00pm –Mad Moxxi’s Penthouse 12th floor-

Simsda: Deep breath, Deep breath…. Okay so what if Moxxi is like advanced hot…. I have A hot girlfriend… I can take this…experienced….soft, supple….goddess of a woman….(Smiles)
(Elevator opens)
Moxxi: Oh hi Sims honey comes in sugar ^^

- GTS Part -

Question 1: What do you enjoy about being so big?
Moxxi: Oh Sugar….. It’s the hottest thing you could ever feel, a rush of pure passion runs from the soles of my feet to the nipples of my breasts… Just pure unbridled pleasure… OH I Made myself a bit excided there… ^^
Simsda: (Has pillow over his legs) SEC!! (Runs out of the Room)

Question 2:  Do you like going on shifts with another Angel?
Moxxi: Ohhh the more the merrier sugar ^^ I love four ways….
Simsda: Uhhh what? (Breaks glass of Water by squeezing to tight)
Moxxi: Hmmm…Oh Going out with three other Angels…Gaige, Maya, Lil…What did you think?
Simsda: (Has a thought bubble of Him filming the four Borderlands girls in a four way) …..SEC!!! (Runs out of the room again)

Question 3: How long have you been an Angel?
Moxxi: Ohhh I was one of the first girls… I always had good relations with the Admins…
Maya: (Jumps into the room from the window (A twelve story one btw..) WITH THE MEN!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (Jumps back out)
Moxxi: Uhhh Sec?
Simsda: Yeah….

Question 4: Do you enjoy Destroying City’s, or is it more of you just doing your job?
Moxxi: Of course I do sugar ^^ See question one for the reason. I mean you should know the feeling of using a sky scraper as a “toy”
Simsda: SEC!!! (Runs out of room)

Question 5: What is your favorite way to destroy people?
Moxxi: Oh not in front of the children…
Simsda:…… SEC!!! (Runs out of room)

Question 6: What part of your body do you crush people with most?
Moxxi: My breasts of course ^^ Just bounce right on them….oh there he goes again…^^ Its cute really.

- Foot Questions –
(Were sorry, due to genital self-combusting reasons beyond our control after Moxxi showing her feet to Simsda (The guy with the huge foot fetish) Simsda had to be rushed to the ER, He should be back to interviewing shortly….) and for those who didn’t get that….here is Ethin…

Voice: Good job Ethin..Have a loli…..
Ethin: Yay team! ohh pot flavored…

Question 1: How Many pairs of shoes do you have?
Moxxi: Uhhhh well half the 5th floor is my shoe closet…Don’t tell Vince…
Morrigan: (Whistles) ?Could I get in on that shoe storage?
Vince: What was that luvs, About the Fifth floor on me building?
Moxxi: OH NOTHING JUST UHHHHH THE…CANCER FLOOR…YEAH…You’ll get Cancer if you go there….
Vince: But… I’m a cosmic demi god.. I can’t get bloody Cancer… Also why do we have a floor that has airborn Cancer?
Moxxi: Uhhhh 3D did it….
3D: (From down the hall) Hey….
Vince: Your hiding something from me Moxxi…aren’t you luv…
Moxxi: Nothing! When have I ever hid anything from you Vincey?
Vince: fifty bloody thousand dollars,…..

Question 2: What’s your favorite kind of shoe?
Moxxi: Hmmm I love love love Heeled stiletto boots..
Morrigan: Me too ^^ Ohhh I forgot about the boot sale at the Mall..’

Question 3: How often do you like getting pedicures?
Moxxi: Oh every three days Sugar.
Morrigan: Ohhh your toes are cute by the way Miss Moxxi ^^
Moxxi: Thanks honey.

Question 4: What color do you paint your toes most?
Moxxi: Black or Purple, Red too.
Morrigan: Ohhhh did you try that deep purple Color that coco has its so cute!!!

Question 5: do you wear socks to sleep?
Morrigan: That’s an odd question…?
Moxxi: Oh he just likes our feet it’s cute…
Morrigan: Yeah it’s harmless.

Moxxi: No I don’t wear anything to sleep… (Giggles) Well perhaps my Diamonds at times…
(Cuts to the group of men in the Club they all yell SEC and run into the bathroom in a stampede.)

Question 6: How often do you go bare foot?
Moxxi: In the mornings and at Night. I don’t wear shoes at my desk sometimes.

Question 7: Are they ticklish?
Moxxi: Ooooooo kinky (Smiles)

Question 8: Do you enjoy men that like your feet?
Moxxi: Sugar I been around the bush… a great many years…I still look like this…. I’m used to men adoring me.

Question 9: do you like your feet?
Moxxi: Of course I love my entire body sugar ^^

Question 10: Would you let a man suck your toes?
Moxxi: Your kidding me with this question right…as if that hasn’t happened. In Fact I’m having them sucked right now…(A man pops up under Moxxi’s desk holding her foot)
Man: Heh…. Lataz!
Morrigan: Was that Quintin Terrantino..?
Moxxi: Yes…yes it was. He gives me 6k just to suck my toes for three hours.
Morrigan: Dang 0_0

-Personal Questions-

Question 1:  What kind of car do you drive?
Moxxi: Well I have three cars ^^ But I drive my Mustang the most.

Question 2:  Do you have a boyfriend?
Moxxi: One for every hour of the day.

Question 3: What kind of Music you listen too?
Moxxi: Oh all kinds sugar ^^

Morrigan: Well that wraps the interview up thanks miss Moxxi! (Morrigan leaves)
Moxxi: What a nice girl. ^^

- 5th floor of Styles inc..-
I’m goanna get to the bottom of thizs “CANCER FLOOR’ Lets see oh it has a pass cose…let me think what pass cose would the collective minds of the girls have for something there odisuly hiding…..Vince hits the 1 ket four times. Bob’s your uncle…. (Flips on the light) …..

(We zoom out to Sttyles inc as the widows all shatter)

Vince: MOXXI!!!!!

The end….

Styles Inc.. 2:32 am 

Moxxi: What a night..... you girls all here? 
Ayane: so many drunken many beer.....(faints) 
Rikku: Its hard being hot....
Ethin: Yeah tell me about it...
Moxxi: what are you doing here....
Ethin: I was dancing....Making money to pay the bills....
Moxxi: make like 150K a year... Somehow... 
Ethin: MEH...what can I say...Extra pot money doesn't hurt anybody....I'm saving know pot is legal now in Oregon... 
Lilith: COMO SAY WHAT!!!!! (Pops up from a pile of beer bottles and runs out the door still dressed in a g-string with dollar bills falling from her ass) 

(40 years later) 

(Old) Moxxi: and we never saw Lilith again....

Scooter the 45354356567566resfsd75464: WOW WE GRANDMA THAT WAS A GREAT STORY ABOUT Lilith...!!!

Ellie...2: and what about Ethin......

(Old) MoxxI: He was drafted and killed in Vietnam.....  

Gaige the Third: Your high aren't you Nana Moxxi....

Moxxi: Very... 


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