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Popo's Picks!

Lilith's Perfect Ten by PoposanHide and Squish by PoposanAngelic Soles: Ayane by PoposanAngelic Jugment by PoposanAngelic Soles: Gaige by PoposanThe Samurai With The Shattered Heart by Poposan

AoC (Agents Of Chaos)

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale,

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsir-ethin: Ethin James

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale

:iconkylec65: Kyle (Not yet established)

:iconrandom101man: Olivia Andalusia

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:icontheia226: Kamari, Theia

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes

:iconrateddx: DX (Not yet established)


Jul 3, 2015
6:03 pm
Jul 3, 2015
5:08 pm
Jul 3, 2015
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Jul 3, 2015
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Jul 3, 2015
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How to buy an Image from Poposan.
Angelic Soles: Ayane by Poposan
Hide and Squish by Poposan
Lilith's Perfect Ten by Poposan
The Samurai With The Shattered Heart by Poposan


The Art that I WILL do..

1: Giantess/Shrink Fetish image

2: Angelic Soles (Foot Sole Shot)

3: Character Fan art

Upcoming Shifts! 

1:  Shift Collected!

Shift Collected!

3: Ryuko's First shift (AoC Episode 12 Night Of the Living Stereotypes) (Working) 

4: (COMMISSION) Rukia Stomps a man out with her bare feet. (Story Not Planned yet) 

5: Hitomi and Kokoro in a Lesson in Bitch-foo 

6: (COMMISSION) Fem Scout Sole Shot image 

7: Harley Quin's first image (The Angel with an evil grin) 

8: Nami image (Not planned yet) 

 Juliet Comic (Planning) 

Note: If you have a girl that's not on this list just link me to her on the SFM or Gmod Workshop. Also ask about free requests. If I think you show enough dedication I will not charge you.  

Commission Rules…..


1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless it’s Konata


2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following!!


> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Anything Like that

> Slash



Be aware they price may change based on the amount of posing and props I will add.


Current Chaos Angel List… (The Girls that appear in my stories)


Archangel's Head Angels

Archangel Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)

Archangel Connie Marshal (Dark stalkers Morrigan Hex) 

Archangel Celsius Ametisto (Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Hex) 

Archangel Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia (Bio Shock Infinite) 

Archangel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

Chaos Angels

Chaos Angel Saida Hale 
(Final Fantasy 13 Serah Hex) NEW!

Chaos Angel Ayane (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Kasumi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Hitomi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Yuna (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Pain (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Rikku (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Tifa (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Cammy (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Juri-Han (Street Fighter) 

Chaos Angel Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Chaos Angel Namine (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Elsa (Disney) 

Chaos Angel Anna (Disney)

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell (Disney)

Chaos Angel Jasmine (Disney)

Chaos Angel Rukia (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Neliel (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Yoruichi (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Lilith (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Maya (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Gaige (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Kanade (Angle Beats!) 

Chaos Angel Yui (Angel Beats!)

Chaos Angel Miku (Vocaloid MMDDT)  

Chaos Angel Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Mikuru (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Yuki (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Jeanette   (Vampire The Masquerade) 

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) 

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 

Chaos Angel Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Chaos Angel Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) 

Chaos Angel Nami (One Piece) 

Chaos Angel Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 

Chaos Angel Harley Quin (Arkham Games) 

Chaos Angel Ryuko (Kill La Kill) 

Chaos Angel Kokoro (DOA) NEW!

Wild Boars 

Konata (Lucky star) 


Mulan's house

Mulan: One thing hot weather is good for is getting a perfect tan. (Mulan sun baths on her balcony relaxing) I cant help but feel a tad venerable out here... 
Nonsense i'm on the 18th story of this complex...

(From the ground in a small pizza place) 

Tony: Dude you can see that hot Asian chick sun bathing again! (Using Binoculars) 

Erik: Thats just sad.... 
Elsa: nice! Vince on?
Ayane: God it's hot today....
Gaige: Jamba juice run?
Ayane: God it's hot today....
Gaige: Jamba juice run?
Style inc... 7:53pm Wednesday. 

Miku: Okay Ryuko, Were going to Disneyland soon, So we need to get you Disney ready! 
Ryuko: Whats Disney? 
Olivia: THE FUCK MAN! 
Maya: Dude that baby has a bad mouth.... 
Lilith: Truth... 
Miku: Lets start with Snow White then ^^ 

90 mins later.... 

Ryuko: The fuck was that shit? 
Maya: Bitch was on more pills then I! 
Lilith: You mean me? 
Maya: NOPE! 
Return Of The Chaos Titans by Poposan
Return Of The Chaos Titans

A Commishion for :icondomon123sback: 

Giantess name: Saida hale (Serah from FF13 edit) 

Shift Zone Target: Center City California (Downtown) 

People Stomped: 400

People Eaten: 50 

lives lost in other ways: 600

Total Lives Lost and Resurrected after reset: 1050

Total Energy tanks Filled and shipped: 166 

Role Play A (Surviving the Giantess)AoC Role-play Form
The AoC role play universe is being simplified, if you wish to role play with poposan please read this form. The role play will play out as followed like a point and click adventure game. There will be death traps, and other features such as looking for items and side quests for bonuses. Your health is called luck here the more you have the less likely your stomped like a bug.  You can get luck by helping people, Finding or luck kits, Luck will drop when being spent on escaping the giantess or making bad moves if your luck falls down beyond 50 you are in the danger zone and can be smashed or eaten easier.
Please select a role play here.
A: Surviving a gts rampage shift (Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity) Create a character to run from the giants trying to smash you under foot, or eat you. Encounter citizens being crushed, eaten sat on ect...
The goal is to get far away from her, make good choi
 <----Want to Roleplay? Dont beafrade to ask but follow my rules. Please read this for info. 

- AoC Season 2 Episode 11 – Admins Log…


Vince: Admins log Earth date December 23th 2014 6:00 am, The girls are starting to get back to normal, after all, it’s near Christmas, There always so happy around this time of the year, I must say it is a joyous time in this tiny planets year cycle. Candy will never leave are hearts of course. Some nights I lay awake restless. I sometimes still hear her voice calling out for me. But when I wake up it’s all gone. It’s only been a few weeks now since I lost Rebeca. Day by day it gets better little bits at a time.


Vince Hale….


-Shift Zone- ‘


People run in terror of the giant shadow looming over them while violently shaking the earth around them. A woman falls and gets trampled by the crowed. Beaten and battered she tries to get to her feet but notices the terror of what’s looming over her. It was a shadow with five massive toes. The woman’s death was quick as she screamed out one last breath before the giantess foot crushed her into a stain and twisted her like a cigarette. Compared to the foot the people below were the size of thumbtacks running about.


Saida: Whoops… (Lifts up her bare sole and examines it)  I should really start taking closer looks before I step down… (She brushes off her sole then looks down at her foot print.) Too bad for you tiny human… Now you’re a road pizza… (She walks off laughing as you get a picture of the woman’s crushed body lying motionless like a flat bug beaten into the tar road)


Stomp after stomp more lives are lost under the huge bare feet, people scream and topple over each other in panic, trying to get away from the giant young alien girl’s large stride’s and Godzilla sized feet.

But most are stomped flat under the carless steps of the bubbly young girl without any thought of mercy from her.


DX: Anyway that’s how it always seems to be… For a half of year now the giant attacks have stopped. Now this terror has begun again. Why it is nobody remembers something like this? (Saida’s foot lands in back of him crushing a taxi cap and stomps away) Well that was close… I’ve seen that girl before, YES! She is the little sister of that odd man that owns that Tower! I’m starting to think the people that work there could, very well be aliens… I think I’ll make my way down to Styles Inc. after this titan leaves should be if I’m right two hours from now, wish me luck… DX OUT!


Elizabeth: Admins log Earth date December 24th 8:00 am 2014, I have made a full recovery and am doing as well as to be expected, However the recent loss of a loved one has left a black cloud over all of us, slowly but surely it dissipates into joy once more, but will it ever fully go away?

On a lighter note the girls are able to start fully shifting yet again into an energy titan. It seems like it’s been so long since we last had a full on shift. I also wonder how long will Black and Shepard stay gone this time…


(She looks on the sofa at Olivia sleeping cuddled up to her)


Elizabeth: I have a shadow now, my little sister won’t let me out of her sight since the beach, poor little thing was so upset. As for Hawk I mean Kyle, He has found work at Mann co now as a ghost opts like Ethin is. I think he’ll fit in pretty well considering under that gruff layer there is a fun loving peaceful man waiting to burst. As for Angel we found that day in the test tube, her name is Ryuko Matoi. She has gotten pretty acquainted to the girls in the last few weeks, with what little English she knows of course. Vince I can tell is already crazy about her. But I don’t think anything can close the hole that loosing Rebecca left on his heart.


Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia…


-Shift Zone –


Saida: (Picks up a bus with her thumb and index finger, and brings it to eye level) Aww stop screaming it will be over quick, unless you’re the unlucky ones that I choose not to chew up first… Now then for a nice snack of tiny micros.  (Saida pinches the front of the bus together and breaks it open like a box of candy crushing the driver like a flea.) Bottoms up (Saida opens her massive maw and dumps the screaming micros down into the pit of her open mouth. Saida rubs her trout and chews slowly liquefying the micros to paste with a swallow and a grin she seemed satisfied) Do I have micros in my teeth? (Saida being a vain girl starts to use a mirror in her makeup pack she had in her pocket to check her perfect smile)

DX: (Creeping by Saida’s bare feet) DX here… I’m currently in a bit of trouble… The Massive girl is right above me grooming herself. She just fed, doesn’t matter she seems to enjoy hunting down humans and stomping them flat under them soft looking soles too. What did happen to her shoes?? (DX looks at a tower in the distance with a flip flop crushed into it another on top) WELL ASK A STUPID QUESTION…

Now I just need to get out of… (Dx notices a shadow over him, He looks up and see’s Saida looking down at him smiling)

Saida: Hello little bug, Ready to be smooched? (She lifts one bare sole over DX and starts bringing it down. Dx runs around in circles and falls screaming to his back as the foot crashes down twisting out.) Oh I think you did marvelous my dear! (Saida grins and skips off crushing cars and a highway to rubble.)


Connie: Admin's Log; Earth Date January 5th, 2015 6:30pm: As the holiday season came upon Earth, I've experienced both the zeal of Christmas and New Year’s. Yet the loss of Candy still lingers in our hearts and mind. While she may be gone, she still remains in spirit. Vince was deeply hit hard with the loss of Candy, and many of us have comforted him since we're all in it together.

During the attack on Black Mesa Prospect, we've managed to find a new angel. Her name, Ryuko Matoi. Vince was quite ecstatic and bonded with her very quickly. Yet no one can replace Candy and I gather most feel the same. We've also gained a new ally; Kyle. Who defected from the WDF and joined us after witnessing WDF's questionable ethics.


The secrecy of what the WDF has been revealed to us, using women with the spark for their experimentation to make angels into their own brand of super solders. Even to the extent of using mind control devices to gain control of them. After the evacuation of Black Mesa Prospect, the entirety of the facility was leveled until there was nothing left.


The top leadership of WDF has yet to be found after fleeing from Nevada. In due time, their actions will catch up to them and most certainly face Admin justice. Dr. Black, Gen Shepard, and Eagle can only run so far before they're cornered. Where they ran off to is anyone's guess; Nevada? Angel Island? Could be anywhere in the west.


(Looks up from her computer and watches Morrigan, Lilith Aensland, and Jill Valentine playing a racing game on a big screen TV, then goes back to typing onto her computer)


Things have been going well in the Team Aensland's Penthouse. Morrigan's Sister, Lilith Aensland has been adjusting quite well since Morri and I found her that night fleeing from the WDF. I can say, I'm proud of the girl standing up and defending herself against the WDF in my presence, and a little encouragement from Morrigan and Jill.


General Connie Marshall...



- Shift Zone –


Dx: (In a fetal position) I’m alive!!! Wow talk about luck… (The camera zooms out to reveal DX standing in a massive foot print in-between the toes) Hmmm I smell like vanilla… Man that giant is hot… She really takes care of her feet… And not a bad set of melons to boot!  AND BOOTY!

Man: Uhh you were almost crushed by her… You okay sir?


Man: Nerd…

DX: Shut it!


Saida: Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, What do we have here? (She sees a lone tower filled with people running away from her) I hate this building… I will not have ugly things in my sand box! So I’ll simply get rid of it! (Saida places her sole on the buildings top and crushes it like a soda can. Sending down debris and dust everywhere) much much better! You micros better start worshiping my feet, or else I may have to stomp you! And just in case you don’t believe what I can do, or you think my massive soles are not scary enough, take a look at this! (Saida charges up a cosmic blast leveling a city block.) So… about worshipping my foot prints!


Celsius: Admin log Earth date January 8th 2015 9:05 a.m. Since the battle with the WDF, a lot of things have changed. Vince has moved on, but it’s obvious Rebecca’s death left a permanent mark on him, thankfully Christmas helped us all recovered and forgotten slightly about those tragic events. On a personal note, I'm surprised that I've managed to contain myself and not cutting loose, though I know than if the battles didn't ended that day... I probably would have awoken something bad again. No, the worst wouldn't have happened, but it would have if I were alone, which is not the case, my brother will always be there for me as I will always be there for him, there's also all the others and the girls, all together we're like a big family, striving when things go bad and laughing in the happy moments.

P.S : this is something totally irrelevant to what happened recently, but from time to time I felt a familiar aura like if I knew it forever, but at the same time it felt like the owner of this was very far away... like unreachable, anyway as much familiar this aura is, it doesn't presage anything good.


Celsius Ametisto


- Shift Zone –


Saida: I’m tired… Stomping little people is hard on a girl and her pedicure… Okay micros! Your princess is tired, clean and worship my feet! It’s pretty much all you can do for me isn’t it? Besides satisfy my appetite for micros… Come on this is a dream for you feet freak guys, hot giant feet just waiting to be kissed, where did I put my Sandals by the way?


Dx: Okay so after that close encounter of the foot kind.. I regrouped and moved past the giant’s current area. She seems to be resting her feet… AND making people worship her too. Come to think of it nothing normal comes out of that building… I seem to be of the few that can remember the Alien Eve, and what came from there just a few months back, now giants again? Also doesn’t anybody see the obvious replicas of Disney girls! Elsa! Tinker Bell!! Mulan!


Voice: ……NERD!


Vyers : Admins log Earth date January 9th 2015 2:09 a.m. Everything has partially came back to their initial state,  buildings have been restored, people continue their lives, but... sadly, not all wounds have been healed, some loss that occurred during the battles won't be replaced. Somehow, the latest events made some rather displeasing memories flowing back in my mind, I almost felt like when the space pirates attacked the Ark, back when we were living all four together, me, my sister Celsius, uncle Flexington, and my dear dead wife Eliaxa. But... I have to assume than I never was really about her death, yes I know the Ark was blown up, it's just the kind of things that I just can't accept like that ...who could anyway... If it wasn't for my sister, my baby girl Miku, my formidable friends and my cute pets, I probably would be dead by now or I would have become a monster. Coming back briefly on my dear wife, I know I should move on and not take personal advantage of the cosmic vault but, I have to make sure there's really no trace left of her... I know everyone will understand, even Ebipna.


Vyers Ametisto….


Shift Zone –


Saida: Well, I think I made my point here! (She’s stands over a broken city with her hands on her hips) Next time I come to play ants, you better worship me better... Because I will spare nobody next time! (Saida starts to walk away and swats a jet trying to escape on her way back like a mosquito.) Foolish bugs… (She stops and looks down at the wave of Army men setting up in the streets with tanks and soldier’s) Oh please! You don’t scare me! (Saida places her sandals down on the army men pinning them down on the street then playful slides her feet back in crushing dozens of men under them., a few men and takes are stomped afterword’s by Saida as she walks away leaving two massive body filled foot prints left by her shoes.)


M.O.M: Admins log Earth date June 4th 2015: The Villain’s responsible for the events in Nevada have fled and were not found… I leave today to go back to the core and I do hope Hale can cope with his loss. He truly is a remarkable example of a true Gatherer.

And a good father….




- A few hours later Styles Inc.  June 21st 2015–


Vince: Well the numbers have gone up substantially good work poppet!

Saida: (Drying her hair with a towel) Easy and fun, I missed that. Being a giantess is the tits.

Connie: Well all seems well here now. The last few months were very hard. But the light shows once again.

Elsa: You know, I feel we forgot something these last few months…

(Konata in sitting in the corner being eaten by mice, she was dead)

Anna: It’s not important…

Mulan: Uhhh, Holy fuck! I just remembered!

Alice: That would be?

Mulan: I left my dryer on…

Alice: Oh…


Hitomi: What’s up?

Tinkerbell: KONATA”S DEAD!

Hitomi: That wild boar? Eww, somebody get a garbage bag…

Elsa: No there is something….

DX: (Busts in the room) I GOT YOU GIANTS! NOW I’M MAKING A CITIZENS ARREST! (He bumps into Vince) Oh your rather fit...(DX gets tossed out the 14 story window)

Vince: Stay out you vagina!

Anna: You know girls, your right we are forgetting something…

Yuna: ……..(Gasp)


:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale, 
Olivia Andalusia, 

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale

:iconkylec65: Kyle Kyle (General HAWK) 

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:icontheia226: Kamari, Theia

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes

:iconrateddx: DX THE GREAT! 

Rikku: (Sitting with a scowl on her face covered in dirt and the ripped up sheet) 



Elizabeth: Come on be a bro! 

Rikku: You guys never celebrated my life! I died six months ago!  

Elsa: Hey champ i'll make it up to you! (Putts a news paper hat on Rikku that says ALIVE!!) Now you back with the cool kids! 

Rikku: ........ OH YEAH! (Rikku jumps for joy)

-The AoC Will Return -



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