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Popo's Picks!

AoC (Agents Of Chaos)

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale,, Olivia Andalusia, Ethin James, Saida Hale, Fresh, Tombo

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconkylec98: Kyle (Hawk)

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:iconrateddx: DX the great!

:icontheia226: Thiea, Kamari, Others....


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The Samurai With The Shattered Heart by Poposan
Angelic Soles: Mad Moxxi (Club Angelz C.E.O) by Poposan
Day Of The Beautiful Destroyers by Poposan

The Art that I WILL do.

1: Giantess/Shrink Fetish image

2: Angelic Soles (Foot Sole Shot) 

3: Character Fanart

Commission Slots!


2 (closed) 

3 (closed) 

Upcoming Angels 

Elizabeth Giantess Rampage High heel shoes worship barefoot soles. (25% Finished

Juri-Han & Jeannette (Planning) 

Gaige (Planning) 

Note: If you have a girl that's not on this list just link me to her on the SFM or Gmod Workshop. Also, ask about free requests. If I think you show enough dedication I will not charge you.  

Commission Rules…..


1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless it’s Konata


2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following!!


> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Anything Like that

> Slash

Note: There will be no story with commissions they will cost 100pts more for a total of 350pts... any second girls will be approved first and will cost 50 pts extra. 


Current Chaos Angel List… (The Girls that appear in my stories)


Archangel's Head Angels


Archangel Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)

Archangel Connie Marshal (Dark stalkers Morrigan Hex) 

Archangel Celsius Ametisto (DOA)

Archangel Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia (Bio Shock Infinite) 

Archangel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

Chaos Angel Ayane (DOA) 

Chaos Angels


Chaos Angel: Tracer (Overwatch) 

Chaos Angel: D.VA (Overwatch) 

Chaos Angel (Widow Maker) 

Chaos Angel Saida Hale (DOA)

Chaos Angel Hitomi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Yuna (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Pain (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Rikku (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Tifa (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Cammy (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Juri-Han (Street Fighter) 

Chaos Angel Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Chaos Angel Elsa (Disney) 

Chaos Angel Anna (Disney)

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell (Disney)

Chaos Angel Jasmine (Disney)

Chaos Angel Rukia (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Lilith (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Maya (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Gaige (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Miku (Vocaloid MMDDT)  

Chaos Angel Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Mikuru (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Chaos Angel Jeanette   (Vampire The Masquerade) 

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) 

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 

Chaos Angel Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Yoko Litner (Gurren Lagann) 

Chaos Angel Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) 

Chaos Angel Nami (One Piece) 

Chaos Angel Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 

Chaos Angel Ryuko (Kill La Kill) 

Chaos Angel Fa Mulan (Disney's Mulan) 

Chaos Angel Alice Liddle (American Megee)  

Chaos Angel Alice Kingsley (Disney's Alice in Wonderland 1951) 

Stand Alone Angels (Admin Angel Test subjects) 


Mushroom Goddess Princess Peach (Test subject Alpha) 

Mushroom Goddess Princess Daisy (Test Subject Beta) 

Mushroom Goddess Rosalina (Test Subject (Test Subject Gamma) 

Wild Boars 

Konata (Lucky star) 


Elsa and Anna's Sisterly Destruction

Paid commission for :icongtsman89: 

Giantess: Elsa and Anna Arendell 

Casualties: 18200 Micros 

Most common Death: Crushed beneath the rubble of the falling city buildings.  

Rampage Length: 2 hours 

People Resurrected: 18200 Micros

Time spent On Image and Story total: 15 hours. 

Role Play A (Surviving the Giantess)AoC Role-play Form
The AoC role play universe is being simplified, if you wish to roleplay with Poposan please read this form. The roleplay will play out as followed like a point and click adventure game. There will be death traps, the better you reply and the better choices you make will determine if you survive or become flat. PLEASE READ THE RULES!
1: I will under no circumstance do anything with: Foot odor, Farting, Scat, and toilet stuff… sorry go someplace else for that
2:it’s safe to say that I’m a Giantess artist as well… So don’t ask me to include giant men…
3: Do not bother me on images if I haven’t replied to your post yet… I have a life outside of DA guys. If I see you post a “Comment on one of my images especially if I just posted it saying “Why haven’t you replied to my response yet I will never reply to your roleplays again that shit is very
 <----- Roleplays start Here ! (Please Read) 


-AoC Episode 17 Series Finale Return of Black Hole-AoC Episode 17 Series Finale Return of Black Hole Sun Part 2 -  
- -
-Pacific Ocean Farallon Islands 30 Miles From San Francisco Bay-
Elizabeth: Lyn, you haven’t moved an inch in twenty minutes. The Captain is wondering if you’re sick. (Elizabeth rub’s Lyn’s shoulders and feels her face.) Ever since that flux you’ve been acting odd. Do you feel something I don’t?
Lyn: I-I cannot feel Saxton’s stream anymore, Lizzy something is going on, something serious. I think I need to fly to him, and my son.
Elizabeth: What? Lyn, what do you feel that I don’t?
Lyn: You still have a lot to learn about cosmic Power young admin. (Lyn stands up and starts to walk towards the boats stern. Her Heels click ageist the wood deck. Liz, I have to go to my son, Please Get Tsunade to her girls. Get them to Alcatraz and keep them there. I feel we’re under attack from a powerful force.
Elizabeth: What there
 < ------AoC Episode 17
Star for episode 18!
44 deviants said Elizabeth
33 deviants said Juri and Jeanette
15 deviants said Gaige

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-AoC Episode 17 Series Finale Return of Black Hole Sun Part 2 -  
- -…

-Pacific Ocean Farallon Islands 30 Miles From San Francisco Bay-

Elizabeth: Lyn, you haven’t moved an inch in twenty minutes. The Captain is wondering if you’re sick. (Elizabeth rub’s Lyn’s shoulders and feels her face.) Ever since that flux you’ve been acting odd. Do you feel something I don’t?

Lyn: I-I cannot feel Saxton’s stream anymore, Lizzy something is going on, something serious. I think I need to fly to him, and my son.

Elizabeth: What? Lyn, what do you feel that I don’t?

Lyn: You still have a lot to learn about cosmic Power young admin. (Lyn stands up and starts to walk towards the boats stern. Her Heels click ageist the wood deck. Liz, I have to go to my son, Please Get Tsunade to her girls. Get them to Alcatraz and keep them there. I feel we’re under attack from a powerful force.

Elizabeth: What there's no way the Lady Rose is in orbit and…(Lyn sharply cuts Lizzy off)

Lyn: THAT, is an order!

Elizabeth: Yes, Mistress Hale, it will be done.

Lyn: Thankyou child, (Lyn takes off and flys away towards the mountains. Several people watch her do so and began to panic.)

Elizabeth: what could be going on? I better get Tsunade to shore quickly…

Tsunade: (Drunk) HEY LIZ! WHAT GIVES! LYNS FUCKING FLYING. (she laughs hysterically with a dry laugh until she’s out of breath.) Hey, this is Julio… He's a great kid, and man does he give a great back rub! Right, Julio!

Julio: (He holds up handcuffs and points at Tsunade while laughing like this: Punta Blanca!

Tsunade: O M G that was so freaking hot! (She trips falling on her face then getting up.) HEY DRINK BOY. (Tsunade tries to whistle but just makes a fart sound with her lips and falls over wanting another Mimosa.)

Elizabeth: Okay! getting you away from the creepy Mexican dude now… (Julio tries to follow but Elizabeth turns to him and says, “Dar un paso más y voy a cortar las bolas de tonterías!”

(Take one step closer and I will cut your fucking balls off!)

Julio’s face lights up and he smiles with his two teeth and laughs again aroused.

Elizabeth: Lo que el Err! (What the Err!)

-Sky’s Over California -

(Lyn flies through the air at top speed at this point not caring if she is seen or not. As Lyn flies inland towards Stockton California,)

Lyn: Please be okay Saxton, why can’t I feel your stream! You never did this before! Is that smoke? And why is there a flux of energy coming from it? Lyn grits her teeth and banks towards the flames.) It's huge! Who did this it isn't that time of year here yet… This isn’t a normal grass fire, (Lyn reluctantly goes to investigate the blaze. (Lyn lands in a hollow of willow trees.) Why do I since a massive stream of cosmic energy here? It's almost like a… Oh, my.

(Lyn notices that the live stalk has been burned. Along with tons of fruit and wheat.)

Lyn: Who in the cosmos did this? (she focuses on a makeshift gallows) No, not a child… (Lyn takes off her glasses and looks in shock at the hanging bodies of three Mexican farmers One Man woman and child. The bodies were stripped of clothes and their bare feet dangled from a willow tree from 3 nooses.) Show yourself! I know you're still here! (Lyn yells at the top of her lungs)

(A cigarette lights up from the shadows of a Hollow of willow trees.)

Voice: My target was the short bitch, known as Elizabeth.  Do you like my work? I did it to show what happens to the week, the new world order will be strong and rise from the ashes of this pathetic one.
Such an embarrassment to humanity… (A Latino-American woman walks out puffing a cigarette. She holds up a smartphone and flips through it.) AH, Lyn Hale, Mother of Vince Hale… your power level is so tiny. Your like an insect to me… Easly squashed… (she stomps down on a grasshopper with her boot that hopped in her way.)

Lyn: (Stands her ground and says nothing.)

Woman: You look scared? Do I frighten you E.T?

Lyn: No, I just thought my kids had destroyed most of you like the vermin you are… and thus I meet my first human with a new found outlook on Cosmic energy… What do you call yourself now?

Woman: Livewire is what I’m called, I was reborn on Monday… Meet my Uncle, Aunt, and little cousin… (She points at the Gallows.) they were a necessary test of my new powers… Oh, how the little ones scream…  

Lyn: (Looks in shock) You’re a monster…  

GTS Break Part 1- The Danger Zone (Crush,Combat)

-The Elysium Room –

Elsa: No way! Anna give me that Laptop now! (Anna and Elsa are running around the room fighting over a labtop..

Morrigan: Whats all the noise about? I’m trying to read!

Maya: You know the movies we found the other day? On Porn hub?

Morrigan: The Giantess ones? The ones about us shifting? The ones you told me not to tell Connie about? Yeah…

Maya: anna found one with her and Elsa, and Elsa went full cray-cray…

Morrigan: Right…

Anna: Elsa, I have a picture on Instagram with Vince taking his shirt off… (she tosses her phone in the hallway on a sofa as Elsa dives for it like a dog then locks her inside barricading the door.) Works every time… (Anna hooks up the smart TV with an HDMI cord.) this should be great.

Maya: In some strange way it's kinda hot watching this, I’m still going to find this fool and skin him…

Anna: fo sho… (They both high five) Let's do this…

-Center City Shift Zone Movie –

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: okay Knights, Dagger has told us that two massive targets are tearing the city up…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 1: Sir Dagger didn’t tell us what the targets were, they just said there very large…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 2: This mission seems to smell of FUBAR to me sir…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: Hust up and keep formation.., We are entering Center city airspace… You with us Travis?
Travis Airbase: We are with you Knight 1… Targets spotted around Downtown… Target 1 is moving up Center Avenue. Go her her Knights…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 3: Did Dagger say her?  

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 4: I swear he did… Sir, do you see anything?

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: Not yet… (He looks over while doing a fly by) Jesus jumped up christ! I see her! Knights break into attack formation NOW! (Elsa rises out from the buildings standing around 450ft tall. Wearing a Blue bikini she has a subway training her fingers.) Are you kidding me? That looks like Queen Elsa doesn’t it? Are we dreaming?

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 3: She looks like a dream, She’s  the best-looking monster I ever seen….

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: Knights head in the game, she's on the move! Dagger we need a-10’s up in here!

Travis: Rodger that Knights A-10s on the way.

Elsa: (Well well little micros, Looks like your in a bit of a situation? (Elsa smiles as she tips the train car to one said sending the micros tumbling down the car. Elsa giggles as she playfully shakes them up and rolls them to one side and another. Awww, don’t worry It will be over soon… It's like shaking a box of candy. (Elsa laughs as the micros try to hold on to the seats and polls as the car is shaken around and rolled around like a toy. Finally, a man hits the back window and breaks the glass he screams as he falls to his death right at Elsa’s bare feet. Her toes Panted blue. She lifts her foot and stomps his boy twisting it out.) Awww I lost a snack… No matter, I have more. (A barrage of missiles hit Elsa causing explosions around her. She drops the car and it lands on a building many get out and start fleeing.) You filthy little insects! (coughs) I’ll squash you like bugs for that!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 4: Sir we have just seemed to have pissed her off… She doesn’t have a scratch on her…

Travis Airbase: A-10’s on the way Knights hold tight!  

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: Let's hope the A-10’s have better luck than we did… Knights, we need to keep her busy. She can't kill people and fight us at the same time…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 2: I can't believe she smashed somebody… Sir, I feel that this mission is suicide, But I will follow you to Hells gates and back… Right, boys!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 4: Let's rock n roll! Nighty night bitch! (He and the others fire new, missiles at Elsa’s back and quickly bank past her before she can react she is hit at the same time by all four missiles knocking her down.)
HORAH! That’s a hit Dagger, that bitch is down!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: Don’t get cocky Eagle 4, Shes down, but getting back up and this girl is even more pissed! KNIGHTS Climb!  (All four Super Hornets Climb up and hide in the clouds.)

Elsa: You foolish little insects! That hurt! (Elsa rubs her back and waits for the jets to Attack again.) I’ll enjoy crushing your little bones!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 3: Sir! I can see her back! No damage just and even more pissed of giant woman! She seems to be following us now! How are we not hitting her! Does she have a shield of some kind?

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot leader: Shit Them A-10’s won't do jack shit to her! Dagger abort mission two shots fired resulting in massive hits but no damage get the Warthogs back to Travis! Repeat no damage done after tow direct hits!

A-10 Piolet Leader: We are about to engage the target… Man, she is huge! What was that Dagger? Abort? Okay, stay on target Rodger that!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: You crazy Dagger we just told you no damage! You're sending them into the jaws  repeat the A-10’s are flying into flames! Fucking-A gents what is Dagger thinking!

Dagger: Knights do not break combat! Fire your payloads and get out of dodge! That is an order!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: (After a pause) This is some Fubar Knights, but we have no choice… Let's turn around for another pass… copy that?

All: Solid copy bid daddy lets rock…

Elsa: (Elsa waits and smiles that vibrant smile standing in an arrogant fashion. The A-10’s attack from behind her again and she barely moves) Are you freaking kidding me? (Elsa turns around and swats one of the A-10’s sending it tumbling into a skyscraper.) One down…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 3: Jesus! That A-10 got swatted into Center tower! She's waiting for us now!

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: DAGGER I WILL NOT FLY MY MEN INTO AN INFERNO! REQUEST ABORT! One A-10 is down! She's going to kill them all!

Dagger: Knights get out of the fray… Brass has ordered you out, The cavs and ground forces will take over along with the F-22’s… A-10’s pulling out.

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot Leader: did he say ground forces? What are they thinking! Those men will be squashed like bugs…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 2: Sir, we can't do anything for them… Let's get out of here… My the lord God protect them…

F-18 Super Hornet Pilot 3: Amen… (The Super Hornets break off along with the remaining A-10’s)

Elsa: Oh bye bye little bugs… (She looks around and smiles) What's going to happen now to Tiny town? (A few cops are shooting up at Elsa with Assult rifles) Oh my god, please! Did you not see me smash a Jet with my bare hands? Well, all I need for you micros is one bare foot! (Elsa lifts her massive sole over the two cops and starts to lower it down slowlThe Cops try to outrun the terror of her foot but fall behind and become a stain in a very large footprint.) Like smashing annoying little bugs in my garden… (Elsa stretches her arms and continues to walk tormenting and stomping on citizens.)  

-Dante’s Penthouse San Francisco California -

Cyclone: We meet again,  bet you never imagined that you would face me a second time right? This time, it will be much different than our previous fight.  Dr. Black has modified my genetic structure to be twice as powerful than before, all in order to kill you.  I’m twice as fast and strong now! So got anything to say now boy!

Dante: That was a 70-inch plasma screen TV. "Sigh's" So what can I do for you guys today!

Cyclone: (Screams and fires his Plasma cannon shredding the area where Dante stood causing major damage. The wall behind Dante was turned to dust exposing the wall to the open skyline.) I got him! (Cyclone holds his gun still at ready and grins. But is short lived because Dante is sitting on the broken couch playing Angry birds on his phone.) Impossible! How did you survive that!

Dante: (Looks up and puts his phone away) No, Improvable. How the hell could you miss every single shot? The reason, you suck just that bad Scooter. Oh hey by the way bra do you mind if I kick your ass up on the roof? My apartment has suffered enough. (Dante floats up through his roof to the Buildings top.) That cool with you if it's all the same!

(Cyclone breaks a new hole through the roof)


Dante: Hey you guys going to fix this place right?  In gets kind of breezy at nighttime in this town and the bedroom is right above next to the hole meaning that...

Cyclone: Hey pay attention to me when ...

Dante: I'm just saying it can be an issue when you're having...

Cyclone: I'm trying to have a conversation here!

Dante: Yeah me too, sadly I'm failing.  Maybe it's cause I'm a little distracted by the fact that some dreadlocked punk came breaking down my home and broke my 70-inch plasma screen TV, and is trying to impress me as if I'm his alcoholic father.

(Enraged, Cyclone attempts to hit Dante, but he appears behind Cyclone while pointing a gun to his head. )

Dante: Do me a favor and get daddy a beer would you.

-Over the Coast of California –

(Saida flies along the coast from San Francisco to Center City still barefoot and dressed very quickly she is at top speed heading for Olympus Penthouse, humming Part of Me by Katy Perry.)

Saida: (Grumbles) Stinky ass WFD… Couldn’t they have pulled this crap at a later time, it’s so early… (Saida looks at her phone that reads Noon.) I haven’t even had my Coffee yet! I know! (Saida descends over Pacifica California and flies through a drive through at Star Bucks.) Hi, I’ll take a Grande White Chocolate Iced Mocha and uh OH a cake pop! (The workers in Star bucks are in shock at the floating girl who hands them her debit card.) Sorry, I’m not wearing shoes so had to drive through this bitch.

Starbucks employee: Y-you can take it… It's free…

Saida: WOW thanks dude! (She flies off.)

Starbucks employee: (Looks at his Co-workers) Wow flying chicks are really hot huh…

(His nose is bleeding and Somebody tosses an ice cube at him.)

-Alcatraz Island San Francisco Bay California-

Zelda: Ewwww…we have to stay here? It’s so, 1960…
Kyle: Okay, so it’s not the nicest place to stay, but the bunker is safe…

Ethin: Uhhh also the bunker is right over here. It has a hot tub…. (Ethin smiles and opens a door with a key code from the side of the cliffs.)

Zelda: REALLY! Well, this won’t be so bad! (the girls go running in all at once squawking like chickens.)

Ethin: It's funny how that always works. (Plasma streams are seen from San Francisco) Hey, Kyle… You think that's us?

Kyle: Undeniably. It’s coming from Dante’s direction…

Ethin: Should we go?

Kyle: No, He’s a big boy, we have our own objectives to accomplish.

Grim: A storms bruin boys, I feel it in my gut.

-Ice House Reservoir-

Vince: (Walking around the sides of the falls still trying to find his father Saxton) This isn’t real, Dad you just became a bigger part of my life again, don’t say this is the end… (Vince finally finds Saxton's hat stuck to a tree branch.) This is a bad sign. (Vince sits down and watches the waterfall pour over the cliffs.) Dad I… I’m going to miss you; I want you to know that I may not have followed your styles of combat like you wanted. But I had the utmost respect for them. (Vince sits and watches the Water for about an hour saying nothing. He finally summons his Bamboo flute and starts to play.


(The melody carries across the Mountains and through the pine trees, it brushes the Water’s surface and tickles the ears of the animals.  The melody is alluring and strong but remains out worldly too. Vince un-summons his flute and turns his back on the falls. Her posts his father's hat On a Branch as a makeshift Shrine.)

Vince: (Stands up tall and brave and bows to his father’s final resting place and floats on back towards The Bay Area.)

-Pacific North West Mountains –

Connie: Why am I never surprised that you’re behind this sort of thing you bastard!

Celsius: And you seem to make newer sicker friends all the time. But really a Siren? Didn’t think their race would like you too much.

Alexia: Hold your tongue… My employer has made a deal with mister Shepard in exchange for Siren Energy.

Gen Shepard: Our Weapons are now on the same level, and my new breed of Super soldiers are far superior to the last. In addition, you too will be the first subjects of my newest tool, This is project Goliath or the boys just call them Super mutants... He’s a real pip in a half too. (A roar is a herd from the brush.)

Connie: That same roar…

Celsius: Told you, you owe me a Coffee now.

(A large wall of Muscles and flesh walks out of the brush it stands a good nine feet tall and hunches over like a great Ape would walking on its knuckles.)

Gen Shepard: I give you the result of successfully enhancing a Male with your titan energy.

Connie: Impossible, any sort of enhancements to make males grow bigger have dire consequences! What the hell did you do to him!

Gen. Shephard: Not all is impossible...

Celsius: You wield Cosmic energy like it’s a child’s toy, and it will bite you in the ass one day Shepard, and you… (Points to Alexia) you are a poor excuse for your proud race of warriors you here my words. You have no right to give Siren energy to such a primitive race. Your elders would have mounted your pretty little head on a pike for that!

Gen Shephard: Well, I think that we've talked a bit too long ladies.

Alexia: Yes, I agree. We've given these admins way too much time to spare, (Turns to Shephard) release the hounds…

The Super Mutants: (Roars and charges at the girls who take off running into the woods. they run roaring and gaining ground on them at an impressive speed.)

Gen Shepard: As you can see girls, these (gestures at the super mutants.) creatures are no pushovers. Have fun boys. (He looks at Alexia) There just tickled to be out and about.

Connie:(Pulls out a laser pistol and starts shooting at the super mutant's head.) This thing is fast and it’s got a power level of an angry Saxton!

Celsius: That’s not a good thing to here! Hey, you’re a Juggernaut why don’t you fight it!

Connie: I’m not a full Juggernaut! Besides you think I’m as strong as Saxton Hale!)

(The second Mutant tosses a tree at them but it misses.)

Connie: We can't just fly out of here! That thing is relentless! Besides, they would release it in the city!

Celsius: Backup would be nice! (the first super mutant rips a tree from its roots and trys to smack Connie and Cel with it.)

-Flying Back to Center City-

Vince: (Notice’s the giant smokestack rising from the grass valleys.) That’s not normal?  Why do I feel a spark coming from that Fire? Perhaps I should take a look. What is that now? I feel some sort of..(Vince is hit with an electrical blast. And falls to the ground.) What the hell was that… shit, I can’t feel my spark. It’s that same stuff from before… But who in the blue hell was able too.

(a woman comes walking up to him dressed in black and wearing open toed Boots, she has the same tattoos on her arms as Maya and Lilith do.)

Vince: I Siren?

Siren: Hello Mister Hale, I thought you would be coming this way. I was tracking you all the way from the forest…

Vince: Who sent you...

Siren: Oh you will meet with him soon. Trust me… Oh, I’m being rude… My name is Aquaria… You already know my two sisters Maya and Lilith. The oldest you will meet soon after she deals with your little friends up in the Earth mountains.

Vince: (Tries to get up but is paralyzed from the Admin buster blast.)

Aquaria: Oh don’t fight it… It will wear off in forty minutes just like the last… But We can’t be bringing you back all pissed off and bothered like that, can we? (She clamps a collar on Vince.) there, that will dim your spark to the power of a child, nice toy isn’t it? My Master came up with it. (She looks at some soldiers marching up and surrounding him.) Take him…

(WDF soldiers Grab Vince and toss him in the back of a Chopper and takes off as Aquaria Boards. She plays with her bluish Aqua colored hair as she boards the chopper.)

Giantess Break 2: Panic in the Streets! (Crush,Growth,Vore)

Military Sargent: People of Center city, please vacate the area at once in an orderly fashion! (Panic fills the streets as a shadow looms over the giants approaching.) Please, more lives can be saved if… (He turns around and looks up.) Oh, my god… how can we fight that thing… (Anna looms over the crowd with Elsa standing around the size of a 400ft tall building, The people at their feet were around the size of thumbtacks in comparison.)

Anna: (Looks at the crowd and smiles her vibrant smile with a twist of evil.) Awww tiny little things are so scared of us sis… What for? We only stepped on a few of them...

Elsa: Could be that the few hundred lives lost in out steps… Or it could be this! (Elsa sweeps across the street with a thick frost freezing hundreds of tinys solid.)

Anna: (Looks down at the Sargeant.) Whats your story little bug? Are you going to shoot me with your big bad tank? (The Abrams tanks turn around to face Elsa and Anna.) Oh no, sis looks like were finished… Whatever do we do?

Elsa: I don’t know Anna, Perhaps Ayane would help us decide…

Military Sargent: (Shadow looms from behind.) Ayane? (His eyes widen) TURN THAT CAV, AROUND WERE BEING FLANKED! AHHHHHHHHHHH! (Ayane's foot stomps down on an Abrams crushing it like a tin can.) Jesus! (He is in front of Ayane’s Purple painted toes.) Oh, my god, she's just a beautiful as the other two… (Ayane stomps down on a new Abrams and twists it out under the ball of her foot.)

Ayane: Hi little men, you want to come and see me… (Ayane smiles and scoops up about thirty soldiers surrounded by three pairs of giant pedicured feet. She gently places them on her huge breasts and smiles at them playing with random ones with her massive fingertips, almost like a kid playing with a roly-poly.) Awww, so cute, and so tiny… (One man is flipped off by Ayane’s strength and falls to his doom from her breast to the ground.) Opps.. I’m such a clutz… (All three giants laugh then look back down at the Sarge, Ayane now plucking each soldier back up and eating them like a hand full of Skittles.)

Military Sargent: You giant sized cunts are gonna pay for this! Wait till my F-22’s come in….

Ayane: The ones I swatted like flys? I don’t think so insect…

Anna: And your reinforcements… I stepped on them awhile back… Here I may have some of them still stuck to the soles of my feet, (They all giggle again) You are so small and weak it's pathetic…

Military Sargent: Say that again you giant bitch! (He grabs a sharp poll and runs at Anna’s toes like holding a spear.) I’ll take your ass out or die trying!

(Elsa moves over to Ayane and Anna lays on her stomach to get a closer look at the man trying to stab her.)

Anna: (Laughs evilly) Are you fucking kidding me? I could squash you like an ant… (Anna smiles as he runs at her then she blows on the ground sending him head over tea kettles back about six feet.) No no no little bug… that’s not very polite to do to a god… I may have to smoosh you… (Not giving up he runs at Anna again very brave but pointless, Anna simply blows again causing a repeat of the last attempt.) Want to try again little bug?

Elsa: Aww you can do it little bug we believe in you...

Ayane: It just takes faith,Trust and Pixie dust… (Elsa and Ayane laugh at the man's attempts at fighting Anna. While Anna simply blows him back every time with a huge vibrant smile.)

Anna: Okay, this is getting fucking lame… I have a rave to go to tonight… As for you little bug, I’m afraid your time has run out… (Anna stands up and lifts her sole over him now laying on his back screaming.) You tried to fight me little bug, but like all insects I see, they are squashed just the same under my foot or shoe where they belong… (Anna stomps down and twists him out.) Of course, tiny micros make such a better little splat.  

Elsa: Girls, I have a great idea… Let's grow bigger…

Ayane: Sounds hot…

Anna: Yeah, besides we have to get ready for tonight, Elsa you should come for once…

Elsa: No I’m fine really, I think my book and a bottle of wine sound better…

Anna: Suit yourself… You girls ready? (Annats to glow as she grows taller and taller. She moans with pleasure as her toes destroy buildings in their path ever expanding. Elsa and Ayane do the same as the girls turn into towering living gods. Standing tall enough to crush a 40 story building between their toes.) Wow, I never got this big before…

Ayane: You know that feeling in your vagina that seems to tingle every time to step on some person?

Elsa: Oh my god yes I almost lost it a few times…

Ayane: Take a step, Trust me it's amazing…

Elsa lifts her foot over a whole city block and steps down slowly. She screams as pleaser shoots from her Hee-haw up to her brain. She takes another step and crushes so much more. This, is, amazing! Now I know how Zelda felt, such power such amazing overwhelming pleasure.

Ayane: I know, I been here done this, you girls have fun I’ll watch. (Ayane being the lead Angel on site tells Elsa and Anna to rampage around. Ayane is one of the most senior girls around and is a very experienced shifter. A Level 6 Angle. Something only Angles that are able to achieve living god status to gain.)  

(Anna lays down and crushes two skyscrapers with her huge breasts she sweeps away a row of smaller buildings after in one swoop of her hand. Elsa seemed to love things under her soft feet. She ran her toes over the city bulldozing everything in her path she smiled and moaned as she could hear tiny screams from everywhere below. Finally, the sisters began to playfully crush buildings between each one's big toe. They sandwich together around five large towers. Each one overloading them with passion…’

Ayane: Oh girls, were almost out of time. (Ayane looks on her phone.) Let's finish up her…. (All the girls crowd around in a circle and start to stomp all around flattening anything they could put their foot on until nothing was left standing in the area they stomped on.) Now wasn’t that too much fun?

Elsa: Looking like she just had some fun in bed. She fixes her hair.) Oh my, I, ahem… Must say that was amazing…

Anna: That was better than freaking sex...

All three: ...Nah. (They all giggle as they teleport away. A wave of light starts flashing over the city and everything is restored as it was before in its wake.)

- The Elysium Room-

Elsa: Oh good, they didn’t show the part where I got carried away while mega and walked around topless and did things to a skyscraper involving the lower part of me…


Elsa: (High pitch screams and tries to get the lab top.)

Ayane: We are watching this next…

-Pier 10 San Francisco California-

Elizabeth: (On her Smart Phone) Come on… Pick up the Phone Vince. (The phone picks up) VINCE, your mom took off in a hurry and she said that…

Aquaria’s Voice: Oh Do tell Dr. Andalusia do tell. (Laughter)

Elizabeth: (Pauses and her eyes widen.) who are you? WHERE IS VINCE!

Aquaria: He’s sleeping at the moment. We’re taking him to play with an old friend is all, Tah-tah, Oh, and Elizabeth? We will find your girls and kill each one right in front of your dying eyes. Trust me on that…

Elizabeth: SHIT! (She hangs up and dials Connie then Celsius but no answer. She try’s everybody but doesn’t get through.) What the hell… Oh, my cosmos Olivia’s with them… (She lifts up Tsunade and puts her in her car. In the driver’s seat.) Sorry, Tsunade I hope you wake up soon… (Elizabeth fly’s away at top speed towards Olympus tower.

-Alcatraz Island –

Hitomi: We don’t get any phone service in here… (Hitomi is soaking in the hot water with most of the girls who are all trying to text to each other… Yes, in the same room.) HOW ARE WE GOING TO TALK NOW!

Ayane: We can write letters! Like The fucking Flintstones or some shit…

Ryuko: YEA! Hey, Ima try it now! (She writes on a sticky note to Ayane the words Hitomi’s Bikini is out of style.) Here you go, girl…

Ayane: (Writes LOL on one and hands it back.)


Cammy: (Her eyes widen and she starts drooling.) Do you lot get stupider every day?

-Bunkers Front room-

Grim: So anybody got an idea of what to do now?

Kyle (Loading Plasma guns.) We wait for Hale…

Ethin: I wonder if he found anything yet… Hey, what about Lyn, Tsunade, and Lizzy?

Kyle: Yeah I’m worried about Lizzy too.

Olivia: (Crying) What’s going on? Where’s my sister!

Kyle: Hey now she’s okay you’ll see… (Kyle pats the Childs head and dry’s her eyes.) Your sister is one tough SOB okay, believe me, I saw it. Remember back at the beach? Didn't she outsmart that wicked lady?

Olivia: But she got hurt trying to think of something…

Kyle: Well just keep your chin up okay?

Moxxi: (Picks up Oliva) Come on honey I’ll sit with you till Lizzy gets back okay sugar. (Moxxi sits down and comforts the child. Ethin and Kyle watch and relax for a second to Moxxi Humming to Olivia.)

Kyle: (Walks outside with Ethin) This is bad Ethin, I think the things we seen up in the mountains are just the beginning. How can we win when those things took out Saxton… this is hopeless!

Ethin: You know something, when the cards are down we always have come out on top before, truth is you don’t know if Saxton is gone, also you weren’t here for them Black Walkers… Or black Hole Sun… I was. Now if you will excuse me… I’m going to go find my buddy…  

To Be Continued……
-AoC Episode 17
AOC Story  Starring - 

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale, Olivia Andalusia, Ethin James, Saida Hale, Fresh, Tombo

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconkylec98: Kyle (Hawk)  

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:iconrateddx: DX the great!

:icontheia226: Thiea, Kamari, Others....
Angel Of the Morning by Poposan
Angel Of the Morning

Giantess: Maya Arslan, Cammy White 

Casualties: 2200 Micros 

Most common Death: Stepped on by Maya  and Cammy 

Rampage Length: 2 hours 

People Resurrected: 2200 Micros

Time spent On Image and Story total: 20 hours. 

Role Play A (Surviving the Giantess)AoC Role-play Form
The AoC role play universe is being simplified, if you wish to roleplay with Poposan please read this form. The roleplay will play out as followed like a point and click adventure game. There will be death traps, the better you reply and the better choices you make will determine if you survive or become flat. PLEASE READ THE RULES!
1: I will under no circumstance do anything with: Foot odor, Farting, Scat, and toilet stuff… sorry go someplace else for that
2:it’s safe to say that I’m a Giantess artist as well… So don’t ask me to include giant men…
3: Do not bother me on images if I haven’t replied to your post yet… I have a life outside of DA guys. If I see you post a “Comment on one of my images especially if I just posted it saying “Why haven’t you replied to my response yet I will never reply to your roleplays again that shit is very
 <----- Roleplays start Here ! (Please Read) 


AoC Episode 16 Return Of Black Hole Sun Part I-AoC Episode 16 Series Finale Return of Black Hole Sun Part I -
Last Time On AoC:
January 10th 2016…
-Olympus Penthouse -
Morrigan: (Unlocks the door with her fingerprint, walking inside she takes off her fur coat and sunglasses, and sips her Starbucks as Lilith walks in as well.) WOW, your all something you know that… You said you would clean everything up, and you didn’t, how am I not surprised, lucky Connie isn’t home yet… She would kill you all with a toothbrush. (she sips her drink again)
Lilith Arslan: (Borderlands Lilith) Shut up bitch! Some of us are hung over, now hush (Lilith and the other girls are all in the drunk pile coated in empty bottles of beer, and other cocktails. Lilith pulls a blanket of cans over her and turns over back asleep.)
Morrigan: (High pitch screams into a Starbucks pastry bag, her face turning be
 Aoc Episode 16 !!! 

Poposan's Notes: guys I hope you like this one. I leaned how to add Tattoos to the girls in Gimp. So from now on The Girls will feature body art. This image is of great sucsess for me :P 



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