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Popo's Picks!

AoC (Agents Of Chaos)

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale,, Olivia Andalusia

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsir-ethin: Ethin James

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale

:iconkylec98: Kyle (Hawk)

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:iconrateddx: DX the great!

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes


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The Art that I WILL do..

1: Giantess/Shrink Fetish image

2: Angelic Soles (Foot Sole Shot) 

3: Character Fan art

Commision Slots!

(COMMISSION) Jill Valentine Giantess Feet and hand held.   :iconpedro1232:

2 (closed) 

3 (closed) 

Upcoming Shifts! 

(Working) Writing the remainder of Season II 

Upcoming Angels 

Alice Liddell & Alice Kingsley 
Princess Zelda 

Note: If you have a girl that's not on this list just link me to her on the SFM or Gmod Workshop. Also ask about free requests. If I think you show enough dedication I will not charge you.  

Commission Rules…..


1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless it’s Konata


2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following!!


> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Anything Like that

> Slash



Be aware they price may change based on the amount of posing and props I will add.


Current Chaos Angel List… (The Girls that appear in my stories)


Archangel's Head Angels


Archangel Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)

Archangel Connie Marshal (Dark stalkers Morrigan Hex) 

Archangel Celsius Ametisto (Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Hex) 

Archangel Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia (Bio Shock Infinite) 

Archangel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

Chaos Angels


Chaos Angel Saida Hale 
(Final Fantasy 13 Serah Hex) 

Chaos Angel Ayane (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Kasumi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Hitomi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Yuna (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Pain (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Rikku (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Tifa (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Cammy (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Juri-Han (Street Fighter) 

Chaos Angel Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Chaos Angel Namine (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Elsa (Disney) 

Chaos Angel Anna (Disney)

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell (Disney)

Chaos Angel Jasmine (Disney)

Chaos Angel Rukia (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Neliel (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Yoruichi (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Lilith (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Maya (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Gaige (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Miku (Vocaloid MMDDT)  

Chaos Angel Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Mikuru (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Yuki (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Jeanette   (Vampire The Masquerade) 

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) 

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 

Chaos Angel Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Chaos Angel Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) 

Chaos Angel Nami (One Piece) 

Chaos Angel Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 

Chaos Angel Ryuko (Kill La Kill) 

Chaos Angel Kokoro (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Fa Mulan (Disney's Mulan) 

Chaos Angel Alice Liddle (American Megee)  

Chaos Angel Alice Kingsley (Disney's Alice in Wonderland 1951) 

Stand Alone Angels (Admin Angel Test subjects) 


Mushroom Goddess Princess Peach (Test subject Alpha) 

Mushroom Goddess Princess Daisy (Test Subject Beta) 

Mushroom Goddess Rosilina (Test Subject (Test Subject Gamma) 

Giantess Harley Quin (Arkham Games) 

Wild Boars 

Konata (Lucky star) 


Next angelic soles!
19 deviants said Tinker Belle
18 deviants said Haruhi
17 deviants said Princess Jasmine
15 deviants said Rikku
9 deviants said Juliet
Angelic Soles: Hatsune Miku by Poposan
Angelic Soles: Hatsune Miku

Role Play A (Surviving the Giantess)AoC Role-play Form
The AoC role play universe is being simplified, if you wish to role play with poposan please read this form. The role play will play out as followed like a point and click adventure game. There will be death traps, and other features such as looking for items and side quests for bonuses. Your health is called luck here the more you have the less likely your stomped like a bug.  You can get luck by helping people, Finding or luck kits, Luck will drop when being spent on escaping the giantess or making bad moves if your luck falls down beyond 50 you are in the danger zone and can be smashed or eaten easier.
Please select a role play here.
A: Surviving a gts rampage shift (Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity) Create a character to run from the giants trying to smash you under foot, or eat you. Encounter citizens being crushed, eaten sat on ect...
The goal is to get far away from her, make good choi
 <-----Want to be stomped on? Look in here to see about Giantess roleplays with Miku! 

So here it is lady's and Gentlemen. My first 3K Image hope you like it :P Its the Remake of Angelic soles Miku that does mean the old one has been deleted forever but this is a much better image enjoy lads and Lasses. 

Angels Foot Size: Size 5 ½

Angels Foot care rating: 10 out of 10 (Very Important)

Feet Softness: Soles of Silk


Number of shoes Owned


Boots: 40


Flip flops: 30


Sandals: 45


Pumps: 30


Ballet flats: 76


Trainers or other sneakers: 20


Miku has 241 pairs of shoes.


Miku’s Foot Info…


1: What kind Of Shoes do you wear the most?

Miku wears Boots, Sandals, and other ultra-cute shoes to fit her style and mood.


2: What kind of Lotion do you like most?

Miku has a fragrance that is of cucumbers and other flowers and nice smells that soften her feet up and make them smell wonderful.


3: How often do you get a pedicure?

Miku get them very often as most angels do.


4: Are they Ticklish:

Miku’s Feet are somewhat ticklish.


5: Do you think it’s odd that people have a foot fetish for your feet?

Miku’s Boyfriend has a very large attraction to hers and the other Angel’s beautiful feet.


6: do you step on people allot when you’re a giantess? Have you done it barefoot?

Miku’s crazy about stomping on micros and she pretty much always goes barefoot since she and other angels don’t like to see their expensive shoes ruined.


7: Do you wear socks to sleep?

Miku hates wearing stockings to bed and thinks it’s weird.

8: What Color do you most get your toes painted?

Miku always gets her mails done Aqua.


9: Do you go barefoot often?

Miku knows what she has going on to footboys. So yes, she loves to show them off.


10: How do you rate your feet?

Miku loves her feet and thinks they make her even cuter.






Do not call her short
Payed Commission for :icon1994semaj:

Rukia: Hello micros, I wanted to warn you boys around me or tall girls, I don't take kindly to being called short! So if you want to stay normal sized And un squished do me this favor! 

Miku: Oh come on being short makes you even cuter! 

Rukia: I want to be taller!!! 


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