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Angelic Soles: Gaige by Poposan
Shrink High by Poposan
Heart of Frost by Poposan
Chaos Angel: Morrigan by Poposan
Admin Sentinel: Vincent Hale by Poposan
Free Requests in Que...


Lilith Aensland posing with a nice sports car. (0%) 

Payed Commissions in Que...

Note: If you have a girl thats not on this list just link me to her on the SFM or Gmod Workshop. Also ask about free requests. If I think you show enough dedication I will not charge you.  

The Art that I do..


Oc TF2 Character Portraits.

Character Fan art? 

Angelic Soles (Foot Sole Shot)

Giantess/Shrink Fetish image

Commission Rules…..


1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless it’s Konata


2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following!!


> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Anything Like that

> Slash



Be aware they price may change based on the amount of posing and props I will add.


Current Chaos Angel List… (The Girls that appear in my stories)


Archangel's Head Angels

Archangel Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)
Archangel Connie Marshal (Dark stalkers Morrigan Hex) 
Archangel Celsius Ametisto (Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Hex) 
Archangel Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia (Bio Shock Infinite) 
Archangel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

Chaos Angels

Chaos Angel Ayane (DOA)

Chaos Angel Kasumi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Hitomi (DOA) 

Chaos Angel Yuna (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Pain (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Rikku (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Tifa (Final Fantasy) 

Chaos Angel Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Cammy (Street Fighter)

Chaos Angel Juri-Han (Street Fighter) 

Chaos Angel Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Chaos Angel Namine (Kingdom Hearts) 

Chaos Angel Elsa (Disney) 

Chaos Angel Anna (Disney)

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell (Disney)

Chaos Angel Jasmine (Disney)

Chaos Angel Rukia (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Neliel (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Yoruichi (Bleach) 

Chaos Angel Lilith (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Maya (Borderlands)

Chaos Angel Gaige (Borderlands) 

Chaos Angel Kanade (Angle Beats!) 

Chaos Angel Yui (Angel Beats!)

Chaos Angel Miku (Vocaloid MMDDT)  

Chaos Angel Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Mikuru (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Yuki (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Chaos Angel Jeanette   (Vampire The Masquerade) 

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) 

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 

Chaos Angel Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Chaos Angel Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) 

Chaos Angel Nami (One Piece) 

Chaos Angel Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 

Club Platinum! Images over 200 faves! Thankyou guys!

Chaos Angel: Zelda by PoposanMiku's Relaxing Afternoon. by PoposanPrincess Peach Ascend by PoposanAt The Feet Of The Fire Hawk by PoposanNight of The Gigantic Girl by PoposanShrink High by PoposanAngelic Soles: Elsa Arendelle by Poposan

AoC (Agents Of Chaos)

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale,

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsir-ethin: Ethin James

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale

:iconkylec65: Kyle (Not yet established)

:iconrandom101man: Olivia Andalusia

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind

:icontheia226: Kamari, Theia

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes


Angelic Soles: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia by Poposan
Angelic Soles: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia
Roleplays for this image? 

A: Surviving a gts rampage shift...(Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity)

Create a character to run from the giants trying to smash you under foot, or eat you. Encounter citizens being crushed, eaten sat on ect...

The goal is to get far away from her, make good choices and don’t do stupid things of course..

Bonus points for acting heroic, being descriptive in your replies too.


B: Shrunken Borrower or Shrunken Victim in the Angels house. (Dating SIM, Foot worship, No Sex, Romantic, ect, Comedy, Nudity) 

Ether surviving your new shrunken life or gathering supplies for you Borrower clan you must watch out for certain things like the feet of the Angel swatters newspapers ect to survive. I hope she doesn’t have a cat…

The goal is to ether get out of dodge and return to normal size or survive you everyday encounter’s with the gigantic woman.

C: Date Night

Go on a date with the Angel featured in the image and make her happy to win a kiss and a peek at the goods :P (Lick)

The goal will be getting the Angel to 100% happiness to win.


D: Your AoC OC story (Sci-Fi, Anime, Action, Comedy, Slice of Life)  ‘

Do whatever you want from watching a game with Vince to getting a pedicure with Elizabeth or training with Connie this is pretty much a slice of everyday life. 

Do you love your feet?

Elizabeth: Hold it.... Are you that creeper that likes to steal our shoes...IF SO..(LOADS A SHOT GUN) okay.. your a foot doctor who wants to ask me some questions? SURE!!! 

Yes I adore my feet ^^ So soft and beautiful to the touch. 

How big are they?

Elizabeth: size 6 ^^ 

How often do you go barefoot?

Elizabeth: All the time in the house ^^ I never wear shoes inside. I wear Socks very rare. 

How often do you get pedicures?

Elizabeth: I go every two weeks I also take Olivia. 

What’s your favorite shoe?

Elizabeth: Oh I love sandals ^^ So cute so sexy. Hey are you sure your not the Creeper that likes feet? 

What color do you like your toes panted?

Elizabeth: blue ^^ 

Have you ever let a man suck your toes?

Elizabeth: How is that about medical!!! ....yes..(Whispers) 

Do you ever wear socks to sleep?

Elizabeth: Never I don't find it comfy. Unless its super cold. 

Are they ticklish?

Elizabeth: Yup.... NO TOUCHY! 

When was the last time to crushed a bug under them and what kind of shoes did you wear? 

Elizabeth:................................................ YOU ARE THAT FEET GUY!!!!! (Gun shot) 

Do you enjoy Men that like your feet?

Elizabeth: Yeah get out of here you sumbitch!!! 

What Angel is next then?
27 deviants said Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2)
21 deviants said Princess Jasmine (Disney's Aladdin)
18 deviants said Lilith (Borderlands)
17 deviants said Kanade (Angel beats!)
Hide and Squish by Poposan
Hide and Squish

Giantess: Elizabeth Andalusia 

Featuring : Olivia Andalusia

Location: Lakeside Manor South Lake Tahoe California 


SFM Map: Manor Rooms 


Time on pic: 18 hours


Giantess Mood: Playful 

Target Emotional State Monitor for Chaos Energy...

Tanks from Fear: 20

Tanks From Passion: 10

Other Tankas fill from Targets emotion: 5 

Chaos Energy burned to maintain The Shrink: 0 

Total Shipped Tanks: 35 

Tools Used Source film Maker, GIMP 2.8, Ms Paint

Archangel: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia by Poposan<--- Learn About The Chaos Angel here.. 

Roleplays Available 

A: Surviving a gts rampage shift Or being a shrunken victim...(Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity)

Create a character to run from the giants trying to smash you under foot, or eat you. Encounter citizens being crushed, eaten sat on ect...

The goal is to get far away from her, make good choices and don’t do stupid things of course..

Bonus points for acting heroic, being descriptive in your replies too.

B: Shrunken Borrower or Shrunken Victim in the Angels house. (Dating SIM, Foot worship, No Sex, Romantic, ect, Comedy, Nudity) 

Ether surviving your new shrunken life or gathering supplies for you Borrower clan you must watch out for certain things like the feet of the Angel swatters newspapers ect to survive. I hope she doesn’t have a cat…

The goal is to ether get out of dodge and return to normal size or survive you everyday encounter’s with the gigantic woman.

C: Date Night

Go on a date with the Angel featured in the image and make her happy to win a kiss and a peek at the goods :P (Lick) (Lick)

The goal will be getting the Angel to 100% happiness to win.

D: Your AoC OC story (Sci-Fi, Anime, Action, Comedy, Slice of Life)  ‘

Do whatever you want from watching a game with Vince to getting a pedicure with Elizabeth or training with Connie this is pretty much a slice of everyday life. 

E: Be a giantess or torment your shrinkys (Giantess, Crush, Vore, Feet, Nudity)
Become the shifting Angel and Stomp your city of your choice. Or even use an Oc you made to be the giant. 

Written by :icongensamus: & :iconpoposan: 

Starring the AoC

:iconpoposan: Vince Hale, Elizabeth Adeluisa, Lyn Hale, Saxton Hale, 

:icongensamus: Connie Marshall

:iconsir-ethin: Ethin James 

:iconsym0nds: Symonds

:icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: Professor Isobelle Grimm

:iconsimsda: Simon Murciano

:iconkujikumo: Amadeus Edgeworth

:iconvyersametisto: Vyers Ametisto, Celsius Ametisto

:iconmichkon: KON 

:iconchaosknightxz: CK

:iconrulerking809: Grim

:iconxoxladynightshadexox: Saida Hale 

:iconkylec65: Kyle (Not yet established) 

:iconrandom101man: Olivia Andalusia 

:icondantailer: Dante Tailwind 

:icontheia226: Kamari, Theia 

:iconrobotic-mind: Hero, Lourdes

-AoC Season 2 Episode 8 Lockdown Centercity-

-Center City California (War Zone) 12:30 Pm- 

Vince: (Wakes up dazed) I feel like I had been hit by a space cruiser….. 

Lyn: Are you okay boy? 

Vince: Mum? Oh am I glad to see you….What just happened? 

Lyn: You were hit by some kind of EMP….It seemed to temporary render your cosmic powers useless… This is not a good situation…. What do you think Saxton my love? 

Saxton: I think it’s time I found something to smash… (Beats his chest like a gorilla) What do you think poppet? 

Saida: My head hurts ^^ but… Yay daddy! 

(Vince and Lyn have anime sweat drops (…) as Saxton cackles loudly into the distance with Saida jumping up and down with pom-poms yelling yay for daddy like a cheer leader) 

Lyn: Right…. We need to get to the bottom of this…. Vince my dear We should be getting to your lovely building..  

Vince: … (Pulls out his phone and dial’s Connie) …Piss…no answer from Connie… 

Saxton: I think were under attack son, (Grins) Last I seen, that Sheila she was fighting that other Sheila because, the evil Sheila wants to harm the weird Sheila with the powers…..Also most of the other Sheila’s are in the building and its being locked down… 

Vince: Witch one? 

Saxton: The one who smokes a lot of funk….

Vince: Blue hair or red? 

Saxton: Blue…..

Vince: Right…. (Fly’s off) 

Lyn: I didn’t understand a word of that…..(Flys after Vince) 

Saida: Daddy and big brother talk silly……

-Roof Tops- 

Eagle: (Grinning bemusedly) Oh, this is going to be so much fun

Connie: (Silently prepares her Call of Valor shift) I don't know how you've managed to get loose. One way or another, were putting an end to this….

Eagle: You just can’t grasp the fact that us pathetic humans are evolving before your very eyes… Oh yes… We will make the world strong… a fresh start… and end to all of this… weakness… 

Connie: So you’re doing the very thing you seem to accuse me for? Why do you people think us ET’s are so bad… Haven’t you realized the terror caused always goes back to normal…. 

Eagle: Yeah… You’re only in our way…. Ever since the creation of this country our WDF organization has watched from the shadows… Watched the weakness from The European country’s slowly form a mass in this supposed land of freedom and opportunity…. All the corruption from the European’s took hold here too… Its claws of greed multiplied like wild fire until the whole planet was corrupt and greedy…. We had finally come to the decision to start a new….. September 1st 1939…. One of our leading minds took the initiative to Poland… All went well until our new found power of Blitz Krieg went dry… This country was next… Pearl Harbor would have been the start… but little did we know that this government had become a sleeping giant… From that point we could do nothing but watch as the planes Hitler put into motion were stomped out by the boots of the Allied forces… September 2nd 1945 all seemed lost…. Our leaders had mass commented suicide or had been placed in jail… 

Connie: You… Were the Nazi’s… 

Eagle: Oh we have been called many things…. Believe me…. Nazi’s is just one of them… You may also refer to us now as G men…. Or Men in black…. (Grins) Ever since that day… In Roswell New Mexico… 
With this new found Tec and evolution I finally can see it…. A fresh start… Our goals of a perfect race are near completed…. 

Connie: Then by the collective forces of the Core…. I hear by place you and your forces under arrest…If you do not comply I will be force to (Eagle punches Connie sending her into a skyscraper) 

Eagle: GOD how I’ve wanted to do that to you and all those other bimbos in that fucking building…. 

Connie: (Lunges in to attack Eagle and the two are engaged in a sword lock and the two look at each other, exchanging death glares)

Eagle: Oh don't you look so cute when you’re angry…

Connie: Las, you haven't seen anything (points at Eagle to send a bolt of lightning right at Eagle, making her stumble away from Connie) Now what does your new found power hold? 

Eagle: Impressive, but it's not going to save your ET hides…. I’m just getting started…

Market Street 12:40pm 

Warhead: Well…. What do I have here? Looks to me like a pretty boy….  Well, ant you a jim-dandy, with your flowing hair and pretty suite…  Boy oh boy you ET’s sure love to look nice…. So what do they call you boy? You got a name don’t ya? 

Vyers: Me… My name is of no concern to you…. (Lights a cigarette) Just know I’m the man who will be killing you today… 

Warhead: WELL I do love a comedian… See hoss it’s just me… I got to know the name of all the men I slaughter… Makes the fight more personal…. 

Vyers: Very well…. My name is Vyers, Vyers Ametisto…. You must be slick? Jim bob? Oh I know Red….No? Well then what’s a cowboy red neck doing here causing all this.. Oh what does you’re kind say…. Well it doesn’t matter the only things that ever come out to me are HEE HAWWW! 

Warhead: (Charges up his fist blades) you just had to go too far runt…. I think I’ll start by breaking that nice pretty grin on your face…  

Vyers: I'd like to see you try slim… (Gets into a battle pose with his Katana out)

Warhead: (Swings his fist blade at Vyers) I'll pummel you down into pulp until you just…. Uhhh pulp!

Vyres: (parry’s the fist blade with his katana) Tisk tisk, not very lady like…… Your form is shoddy at best… 

Warhead: Fucking alien scum bag!! (Winds up for another attack and misses again punching into a building) 

Vyers: Almost got me that time tex… Keep trying honey you’ll get me… 

Warhead: You're starting to piss me off runt! Hold still (Punches the building four times Vyers dodges every one with ease) you small little jumping bean Why don’t you fight me like a man! 

Vyers: Oh well I don’t hit girls…. (Smiles) 

Warhead: Oh I’m going to enjoy shoving your moon boots right up your extraterrestrial asshole! 

Vyers: Oh please be gentle Mon ‘Amie I burse easy… (Grins while twirling his blade) dodging and parrying Warhead's attacks) Please, you're just going to exhaust yourself….

Warhead: Why don’t you fight me then!!! 

Vyers: Like I said… I don’t hit girls…. It’s not what a gentleman would do…

Warhead: Is that a fact? 

Vyers: However sport… She isn’t like that….

Warhead: Who? 

Vyers: My very pissed off sis behind you of course… (Grins) 

Warhead: Wha…. (Turns around to see Celsius with Guinevere in hand ready to fight) 

Celsius: By the Ancients and the innocent lives of this planet as a cosmic Admin I will stop you… Pitiful.. You Meta humans think your any better? You think your superior to them… You know nothing about the universe… 

Vyers: In fact every time you humans get any Tec upgrades you seem to think your gods… Its unbelievably funny to me… So now then do you still feel like a living god? 

Celsius: Or are you back to just being a mortal. Cowpoke… 

Warhead: (Grits his teeth and runs at Celsius and Vyers) you shut the hell up both of you! Especially from a stupid intergalactic cunt like you! (Goes for a punch to Celsius but is caught by Vyers) 

Vyers: Never….Insult my sister again…. (Vyers breaks his arm with ease) Perhaps now it’s clear to you…

Warhead: (Cries in pane) Oh god I can’t feel my arm any longer Wha-what did you do? 

Vyers: Please it’s broken not missing you simpleton….

Celsius: If he wanted to tear it off he would… It would be like tearing the wings off a fly… 

Warhead: (Staggers back on the street holding his dislocated arm) you won’t get away with this…. You hear me! 

Celsius: (Try’s to finish him with a jumping slash but he tosses a flash bang and escapes) Ahh…… My eyes… 

Vyers: I got you he tossed a flash grenade… Coward… 

Celsius: Filth… He fights like a cockroach would…

Vyers: Come… Let us get to the girls…

- Roof Tops - 

Connie: Don't get too cocky lass (embodies her God-Splitter with electrical energy) or you'd might regret it (swings her sword at Eagle's katana, sending an electrical shock down the blade and arcing right into her arm)

Eagle: You fucking bitch!!!! (Clenches and nurses her wrist and arm)

Connie: (Swings her sword at Eagle, hitting her by the hilt)

Eagle: (Rubs her cheek) Now it’s on bitch…. 

Connie: (Smirks)

Eagle: (glancing at Connie, looking for an opportune moment to strike. Then she prepares herself to attack Connie's left side)

Connie: (shifts to her side to protect her left flank as she sees Eagle making a dash to her left side)

Connie: (blocks Eagle's attack, then gives her a swift roundhouse kick) you’re lucky I didn't give you the cry of the Banshee (glares at Eagle)

Eagle: Heh (Smirks at Connie and lunges at her)

Connie: (Blocks Eagle's swings as Eagle approaches her, swinging)

Eagle: Having fun, Admin?

Connie: Not the slightest (Shoves Eagle away with the side of her sword)

Eagle: Awww you’re a negative person Admin…. I mean what’s so bad about a perfect race…. After all your kind seems to see themselves as perfect…. 

Connie: No race is perfect human…. You humans think you know all about being an admin? You haven’t even grasped the surface of the knowledge you hold….  

Eagle: Humanity is dead as of this day…. The Meta human race will rise above the ashes and rebuild from the flames….

Connie: Earthlings aren't ready for that sort of power…. 
Eagle: (Frills her fingers around and extinguishes the flame) Of course HUMANS aren’t ready… But the new race… Oh we know so much more.. 
Connie: (Smirk’s) your race still hasn’t mastered space travel… What makes you think so? 
Eagle: In due time… This cosmic spark is rapidly expanding our Tec… But enough talking, it's time to put your ET ass in its place…
Connie: Well then Meta human defend your new found race… 

(Connie and Eagle engage in a swordfight as the duo jump from rooftop to rooftop exchanging blows. Eagle breaks away and manages to bash Connie down to the street with a knocking punch sending Connie flying and skidding into a car)
Eagle: (Smirks) that felt so right… 
Connie blasts Eagle with a huge bolt of lightning sending her slamming down into the street as well Connie makes no waste of time to quickly try and finish Eagle with a stabbing blow but Eagle blocks it and kicks Connie into the air and try’s to summon a fire ball but nothing happens.) 
Connie: What’s wrong Eagle… Your cosmic spark running out? Loosing concentration? 
Eagle: I feel the power leaving me… (Eyes widen as Connie slams her ageist a building) 
Connie: (Gets in Eagles face) I should kill you…. But I don’t want to… no no… not like this… Scum like you…. I want to watch fail…. I want no I pray that we meet on even terms on the field of glory…. Now run away… Back to your little hiding place… Run and hide like the bug you are… (Lets Eagle go and starts to fly off) 
Eagle: (Screams in anger and flys off knowing she cannot win) 

- Styles Inc. roof top - 

(Vince and Lyn float up and land) 

Vince: We have to see if the girls are okay… 
Lyn: Right… VINCE LOOK OUT! 
Vince: (Looks and dodges a kunai flying towered his face) 
Voice: I knew you would have dodged that Samurai… 
(A voice speaks out from the shadows of an air conditioning duct) 
Vince: Show yourself…. 
(A middle aged Japanese man steps out with a large scar down his face he is dressed in WDF armor and holds a Katana in its sheath over his shoulder) 
Vince: What’s your name….. 
Man: My name is the same as yours….
Vince: You don’t strike me as a Vince….
Man: It is battosai…  Or Man slayer…. 
Vince: (Says nothing) 
Man: (Smirks) Does this name shame you now Samurai? 
Vince: That title has no meaning to me any longer…. If it’s a fight you want I assure you you’re looking at the wrong man… I gave that up a life time ago…. The last time I picked up my sword was to the very face I loved…. Now don’t stand between me and my girls…. 
Man: (Chuckles) You cannot hide the look of a killer… It is forever carved on your face…. You Admin… I have no personal vendettas ageist you or your daughters I guess… But I have seen you fight with that odachi you wield… And the group I belong too happens to want you dead… so… I feel like it’s my place to take that blade for the honor of my employer… And myself…
Vince: Why… Why are you with these lunatics… 
Man: A new world order is coming…It will need blades… This pill… It keeps me young… fast…. Powerful… No more am I an ageing old man…

Vince: Some of the best worriers are old… If you keep your body going you never truly will be old…
Man: Perhaps…. But we cannot all be gifted forever with the power of immortality like you space Elves… 
Man: Back in my day females held their tongues when men spoke….
Lyn: (Her head stars to catch on fire like in anime…) What…. 
Vince: Oh boy… (Side steps) 
Lyn: (Turns around and try’s to smack the man but he catches her hand with no effort) …..How..
Man: Such beautiful hands…. You must be a wonderful chef…. (He tosses Lyn into the air conditioner knocking her out with the force) As you can see Samurai I am no weakling any longer… Now I ask you again …ready…your blade.. 
Vince: (Lifts up his mom and starts to walk away) I will not fight you Samurai… Now Excuse me I need to get to my loved ones… 
Man: You leave this roof top the whore dies…. (He tosses Ayane out from the shadows bound and beaten and gaged…
Vince: (Stops) Let the young woman go….
Archangel: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia by Poposan
Archangel: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia

Deviant Cast.. 

:iconpoposan: As Elizabeth,Vince
:iconsimsda: As Simon (aka Debby)
:iconrandom101man: As Olivia
:iconsir-ethin: As Ethin

Angels Name: Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia

Club Angels Nickname if any: NA

Age of Angel: 44,100 (Frozen Age at 25)

Nationality: Eldric On Earth: Spanish/French

Original Game or Toon /Anime Appearance: Bio Shock Infinite

Hair color: Black

Eyecolor: Purple

Lives: South Lake Tahoe California

Normal Job: Styles Inc. Executive.

Favorite Food: Chocolate, Lobster

Music of Choice: Pop, Symphonic, Classical, Rock, Dance

Fashion Choice:  Elegant, Sassy, Glamorous

Other Hobbies: Science, Fashion Model, Interior Designer


South Lake Tahoe California 8:00Am


Simsda: (Pulls into Elizabeth’s driveway at Lakeside Manor) Sure is cold here.. I kind of miss the mountain air to be honest… Hmmm I wonder how Elizabeth will take being interviewed…After all she did shift… (Knocks on the door)

Olivia: (Opens the door holding a Baymax Plush doll in one hand looking up at Simsda) Hi we don’t want any… (Closes the door)

Simsda: Grrrr that damn child… (Knocks again)

Olivia: I told you we don’t want any…


Olivia: Who?

Simsda: You know Cosmic Alchemist Simon… I work with your sister.. And Vince..

Olivia: Oh the guy who likes feet… Isn’t your name Debby?



-20 minutes later-


Elizabeth: (Sits Tea down in front of Simon) So what brings you up here today Sims? ^^ Going to the Casinos?

Simsda: No.. (Sips Tea then opens a briefcase) It’s time for your Angel Interview…(Grins) Chaos Angel…

Elizabeth: 0_0 Hey hey hey!! I’m not one of them ditzy makeup headed princesses you call Chaos Angels.. I only shifted the people last week because the girls all got Leukemia…at…the…same..time…HEY WAIT A SECOND!  …Fuck… FINE let’s get this over with…

Simsda: They all went to Paris btw….

Elizabeth: I’m such a jackass…



- GTS Part -


Question 1: What do you enjoy about being so big?

Elizabeth: I’ve only done that a few times.. The first time wasn’t a great experience…

Simsda: Oh yeah you was nude (Giggles)

Ethin: Wait what? (Pops up from the crawl space)

Elizabeth: SHUT IT NOW!


Question 2:  Do you like going on shifts with another Angel?

Elizabeth: I’ve been out only trying to subdue a rouge Angel… Among that other time….


Question 3: How long have you been an Angel?

Elizabeth: I’m not really an Angel.... I have been part of the program for a year now.. 


Question 4: Do you enjoy Destroying City’s, or is it more of you just doing your job?

Elizabeth: PASS!!!

Simsda: You can’t…

Elizabeth: Who writes this crap…

Simsda: It appears on my desk and it reads interview them of die love the guy watching you…

Elizabeth: Creepy… Fine it’s kind of cool…

Simsda: I knew it.. (Troll face)


Question 5: What is your favorite way to destroy people?

Elizabeth: Pass….

Olivia: According to her journal she loves to crush people under foot..

Simsda: Ah…

Olivia: ^^

Elizabeth: Oh you’re dead…

Olivia: (Gulp)


Question 6: What part of your body do you crush people with most?

Elizabeth: PASS!!!

Olivia: Her feet…

Elizabeth: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! … Excuse me….

Olivia: (Lets out High pitched scream and runs away with Elizabeth behind her)…

Simsda: (Well then I guess a break is in order. Sips tea and starts to read the news as you hear screaming coming from the laundry room and a door slam that sounds like a dryer)

Elizabeth: Okay I’m back… (Fixes her hair)

Simsda: Did you stick her in the dryer?

Elizabeth: Nooo…. (Whistles)



- Foot Questions –


Question 1: How Many pairs of shoes do you have?

Elizabeth: Uhhhh we shouldn’t talk about that… Its uh not a Vince being around subject….

Simsda: Vince isn’t here…

Vince: G’day mates.. (Walks into the kitchen)

Simsda: Why is he?

Elizabeth: He’s fixing the water heater.

Simsda: It’s a huge number isn’t it…

Elizabeth: Nods..


Question 2: What’s your favorite kind of shoe?

Elizabeth: Hmmm… I do like heels.. Pumps too..


Elizabeth: I wasn’t finished..

Simsda: MOVING ON!


Question 3: How often do you like getting pedicures?

Elizabeth: I go all the time ^^ I also have Tombo…

Simsda: That nerdy guy that stalks you?

Elizabeth: He’s a great task boy ^^

Simsda: What a nerd won’t do for a hot chick… I’m glad I’m not like that… Ohhh hold on Phone call….Its Yoko… Yeah…hey boo…..yeah…I’m working…yes..I picked up your dry cleaning…yes..I did the shopping…Yes..yes..I’ll paint the bathroom when I get back…Yes I’m give you a massage too and make dinner… Have fun with the girls ^^ .. Anyway…

Ethin: Dude your pathetic… That chick has you by the nuts…

Simsda: How are you here….You were on the sofa at Styles Inc. this morning watching Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtles eating fruity pebbles when I left.. IN YOUR BOXERS! 

Ethin: I flew….(Points to a jet crash and the forest being on fire)

Simsda: Of course you did…….


Question 4: What color do you paint your toes most?

Elizabeth: Blue -_- (Nods)

Simsda: Very decisive…


Question 5: do you wear socks to sleep?

Elizabeth: Uhhh not really… Unless its six degrees outside… I just realized how perverted these questions are…

Simsda: Yeah yeah they all say that..


Question 6: How often do you go bare foot?

Elizabeth: Errrrr I do in the summer allot…

Simsda: Can’t come fast enough…

Elizabeth: What was that?

Simsda: Nothing…



Question 7: Are they ticklish?

Elizabeth: Touch me and die!


Question 8: Do you enjoy men that like your feet?

Elizabeth: I’m getting scared…

Olivia: (Her hair is frizzed up in an afro and sparking) why do men like feet?

Elizabeth: You’ll understand when you haves tits…


Question 9: do you like your feet?

Elizabeth: Sure?

Simsda: Most girls do…

Elilzabeth: Sure…


Question 10: Would you let a man suck your toes?

Elizabeth: Wowzers.. Uhhh NEVER that’s just freaky….

Olivia: Isn’t that what you make Tombo do every N…..


-Personal Questions-


Question 1:  What kind of car do you drive?

Elizabeth: I have a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador

Simsda: Nice 0_0


Question 2:  Do you have a boyfriend?

Elizabeth: I have a stalker… (Points to Tombo)

Tombo: Oh come on …. I DID IT I BEAT EVERY QUEST IN WOW!!!


Question 3: What kind of Music you listen too?

Elizabeth: All kinds.. Mostly whatever sounds good.


Simsda: Well that should do it…. Thanks for the tea Lizzy… I got tons of things to do today…

Elizabeth: Bye ^^ (Sims leaves) …Ethin what are you doing here… ?

Ethin: I have come to serenade you…I took Spanish classes…

Elizabeth: Oh really? If I listen will you leave after?

Ethin: Nods..

Elizabeth: (Sighs)

Ethin: …(Strums a guitar)

(Singing) Ay, ay, ay, ay Yokito Taco Bell….

Ay, ay, ay, ay El Zorro is fucking dope!

Ay, ay, ay, ay Me encanta tu culo mi amor



Uhhh… Ay, ay, ay, ay…uhh….Tacos.. Burritos…nachos are good… Ay, ay, ay, ay


Ethin: Yeah…. I’m hot as a mother fucker…


The end..

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