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So you want an image? But my free list is full? Well fear not...
So you want an image? But my  free list is full? Well fear not...You can have what you want for just 

100pts for a gts image and story. 

This if bought will be done first of course. 

So You Want An AoC Request from Poposan...

-Payed Commissions-

:iconrateddx: Sharing a kiss with :iconmightycat-letranger:

:iconpsycho333: Angelic Soles Gaige

:iconxsakuyachan510x: Elsa Hot summer Drive.

Next Requested Shifts

:iconhaiyou: Miku GTS Hug

:iconboob-slave: Zelda Puts a tiny Sonic in her breasts, petting him between her breasts

Please read!!! If you want a request from Poposan hears what is expected of you

-Requests Slots (Open)- I will be more willing to give them to people I feel deserve them aka people that comment and fav and talk to me as a friend. If you find this unfair kiss my ass…Nobody likes lurkers. I will also be only taking 8 at a time. And yes they still are 100% free of course: 3 also try to come to me with a god damn avatar. Last thing I may not take your request if you were on the last list I need to give everybody a fair chance :3

1. :iconchaosknightxz:

Juliet and Dark Juliet giantess fight massive in a city.

2. :icondarkmercurius:

Normal Juliet about to sit on the couch, unaware that the shrunken Hitomi (in a bikini and barefooted) is bracing for impact of Juliet's butt

3.:icondragon-cana-love: Angelic Soles Aqua

4. -Closed-

5. :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: & :iconarrogance127: Herself in a shift

6.:iconfreetzo: Zelda Foot Tickle

7. -Closed-

8. -Closed-

9. :icondarktommy2: Namine Wants Ice Cream.

10.:iconmr-e2: Yuna and Aerith Foot Worship little man likes Aeriths feet more because of the lotion she uses.

11: :iconlordlos: Iris being carried over the shoulder by leaf with her foot being held up and licked by her

-Rules about requests-

1: None of my Angels can be killed in images or stories. …Unless its Konata

2 Under NO EXCEPTIONS will do the following?

> Giant Men

> Male Feet

> Foot Odor

> Scat

> Giant Animals (Such as the pony’s) Only on April 1st

> Male Feet

> Anything Like that

> Slash

2: Please comment on your request. Also Fav, and please say more than a word. Come on guys I did this out of kindness, so the most you could say is "Hey thanks for the request Poposan" ON THE IMAGE NOT IN NOTES OR ON MY PAGE ON THE IMAGE. If you do not do this then the request is tossed out and you will not be granted another request.

3: Hentai, Okay guys look the most Hentai I would do is bare chest and nudes thats it. Other than that you will need to speak with me first before its added.

4: If you like your request that's nice :3 But please ask me first before you post it on your page and link to my page that's all.

5: I will not do requests in any order. I also do not do Request comic pics any longer.

6: I will give you a pm on your page before I start it based on how much I know you,. You will have 24 hours to reply after that its canceled unless you have an acceptable excuse. FYI just telling me you were busy and I see you were online does not cut the bread.

7: Also If you wish to donate after your request it would be appreciated much :3

8: you may be asked questions while i'm working on the image, If you do not respond to a question, no request. I may also ask you for a reference image to go off of if you can.

9: Only one request per list please.

The Chaos Angels

DOA Dead or Alive

Chaos Angel Ayane

Chaos Angel Kasumi

Chaos Angel Hitomi

Final Fantasy Universe

Chaos Angel Celsius Aka Lightning

Chaos Angel Nightshade Aka Serah

Chaos Angel Yuna

Chaos Angel Pain

Chaos Angel Rikku

Chaos Angel Aerith

Chaos Angel Tifa

Street Fighter Universe

Chaos Angel Chun-Li

Chaos Angel Cammy

Chaos Angel Juri-Han

Kingdom Hearts Universe

Chaos Angel Kairi

Chaos Angel Aqua

Chaos Angel Tinker Bell

Chaos Angel Jasmine

Chaos Angel Mulan

Bleach Universe

Chaos Angel Rukia

Chaos Angel Neliel

Chaos Angel Yoruichi

Team K-on!

Chaos Angel Mio

Chaos Angel Ritzu

Chaos Angel Tsumugi

Chaos Angel Yui

Chaos Angel Azusa

Team Pandora

Chaos Angel Moxxi

Chaos Angel Lilith

Chaos Angel Maya

Chaos Angel Gaige

Team Angel

Chaos Angel Kanade (Angel Beats)

Chaos Angel Yui (Angel Beats)

Team Vocaloid

Chaos Angel Miku

Chaos Angel Rin

Chaos Angel Luka

Chaos Angel Rin

Chaos Angel Teto

Team SoS Brigade (Haruhi)

Chaos Angel Haruhi

Chaos Angel Mikuru

Chaos Angel Yuki

Other Angels
Chaos Angle Elizabeth (Bio shock Infinite) <------NEW!!!!

Chaos Angel Candy Cane (Rumble Roses)

Chaos Angel Alice (Alice The Madness Returns)

Chaos Angel Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013)

Chaos Angel Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw)

Chaos Angel Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Chaos Angel Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)

Chaos Angel Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Chaos Angel Iris (Pokemon)

Chaos Angel Lady Tsunade (Naruto)

None Center Universe Angels This means you will never see them outside there worlds.

Princess Peach (Mario)

Princess Daisy (Mario)

Harley Quinn (Batman)

Poison Ivy (Batman)

Catwoman (Batman)

Nami (One Piece)

Aoc Info.

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 2:41 PM

Steam Links

AoC Oc creation Template.

Name: (Be creative)
Race: Admin. Space Born Human, Earthling, Nekoling (Cat person), Demon, Amazonian, Other
Star Rank: (Note) This is for if your Oc is an Admin race)
Star Ships Name: (Optional unless rank 5 Admin or Galaxy police)
Age: (Note) If you put your real age it has to make since.
Job: (Does not have to be an Aoc job can be anything)
Powers and Abilities: (Note if your just human then leave blank or explane why you have them.)
Weapons of choice if any:
Fighting Style:
Fighting Masters if Any:
Family if any: (Not your real family)

Personal Shifts (Note for admins or magic users only)
Theme song: (Optional)  

Backstory: (NOTE) Do not give me a sentence on this…Please write at least a paragraph..

The AoC has never been privet in fact I always wanted more creative minds helping out. This was my dream to create something a person can help with and maybe look at it and say hey I did that. I dont want ANYBODY to think that they're not good enough for creating because thats bull crap. So if you want to help or thought about anything in this public setting add me to skype or steam ect or even talk here and we will brainstorm. \

Also things I need to say to the SFM people... 

If you think your better then gmodders just because you use a slightly better program you are not welcome here. I want nobody here with a bad attitude ANY LONGER if you don't like my gts art kiss my ass got it...

I will not stop doing what I love just because its different. Besides I do other none fetish art too. 

On that note AoC ISN'T all about gts...Its about the universe and the stories...ANYTHING...can be put in just as long as its run by an AoC rep first. 

AoC: Chaos Angel InfoChaos Angel,
What is a Chaos Angel?
A Chaos Angel is born with a certain cosmic energy called Titan. Angels are also gifted with other cosmic features as well, like longer lived to an extent, and Overwhelming beauty. Chaos Angels also have the ability of being invulnerable while shifted, of course the more they use cosmic ward the less time they can stay in Shifted Titan form. It is a job of an Angel to cause chaos under the cosmic bubble placed around the attack zone. She then stomps on people, eats, and crushes buildings whatever she wants to the attack zone until her energy is expelled after she is finished, she is teleported back to base of operations where she can shower and rest.
Based on the Angels stored up energy she grows to a certain size. It takes training and focus on how large angels can get. So far Admin Hales Angels have been the only set to have passed what is called Shifted scale.
Shifted Giantess: The Angel is around 100ft
AoC: Cosmic Control ShiftCosmic Control Shift
This powerful shift is used by Hunter gathers to do what else? Gather chaos safely with no loss of life, when a gathering attack is performed the Shifted Angel will destroy all around this invisible bubble until her titan energy is expelled. Everything she had destroyed and killed in anyway, are returned back to normal at the time the shift was started. With no memory of what happened with no harm done at all.
In rare cases it has been said that some people seem to be immune to this reset, and do remember the giants attack. Most pass them off as dreams, others tend to investigate them. Some even to the point at armed rebellion see case file The WDF organization, Established September 23, 1949.
Titaness 3000Titaness 3000
Type: Technological Equipment
(Static on TV happens, then goes into a test pattern screen, then switches to a picture of a woman standing waving at the cameraman in front of a bulkhead door with the label "Titaness 3000" at the top of the doorway comes into view)
Narrator: This presentation brought to you by Vault-Tec, commissioned by Admin General Connie Marshall
Narrator: Here's what you need to know about using the Titaness 3000. Be sure to remember these basic rules:
Narrator: Rule #1: Place all your belongings in your assigned locker
Narrator: Rule #2: Enter into the Titaness 3000 and get ready for your rampage in Center City and any other city across the globe to collect Chaos for the Admin Core
Narrator: Once you've been beamed up, you are free to roam about to create as much destruction as your little angel heart desires. So long as you're within the boundaries of a special invisible bubble within your designated attack zone
Written by :IconGensamus:
(static on th
The Cosmic Admin CoreCosmic Admins
Cosmic Admins, Galactic Admins, or simply Admins are a species of spacefaring humanoids known for their very long lifespans and talented with shift powers. There origins are from the region known as the Core. On Admin run colony’s or planets there seen as space elves due to their beauty and long live span.
To protect and serve the Cosmos is the motto of this illustrious academy of worriers that are enhanced to demi god like levels of power. It is said that the Admins were created by the Ancients themselves. Admins draw their power from the cosmic rift that can be found at the center of every galaxy.
Among the gifts and Admin is bestowed are
Long lived: Admins tend to never age much unless very old.
Strong semi invulnerable bodies: It is tough as nails to take an admin down.
Flight: Admins have the ability to fly at high speeds.
Cosmic Spark energy shifts: A shift is a unique ability in which the admin manipulates the cosmic matter around him or her to perform a huge

What is AoC ?

Aoc is a story based universe set in a cross over state of Half life 2, Portal, TF 2 and Borderlands with a hint of Bioshock. Garnished with an Anime flair. The stories can be found under all of my images. For the most part they are comedy but every now and then become drama Sci-fi horror ect, Like I said anything is fine as long as its read by a rep first. 

Can I join AoC?

OMG yes....really just ask us we don't bite unless provoked. Just ask one of our reps to join.


Main story Arcs so far

Eve Saga: Summary 

A mysterious woman, named Eve, from Admin Vince's past comes to end his life for revenge. Eve becomes a person of mass destruction after gaining the Black Hole Sun while orchestrating in the shadows with Boris and Dr. Black at the forefront to bring down the Agents of Chaos, including taking down Celsius and Nightshade. The situation attracts the attention of Dr. Elizabeth who heads down to Earth to rectify the situation. Eve manages to reach to omni/god levels to unleash the Black Hole Sun before falling back to earth (at normal scale) mortally wounded. Vince uses the Rebirth Shift on the Sun to reverse the effects of the Black Hole Sun at the cost of sacrificing himself. With Vince gone, Eve places her plans in motion only to be thwarted by Nightshade in a one to one battle before Eve is defeated. In the absence of Vince, Dr. Elizabeth has taken up the mantel to operate the project while Eve's whereabouts is unknown.

Story written by Poposan & The AoC 

Aftermath: Summary 

Months after the sacrifice of Vince, Elizabeth and Co. cope with the lost of Vince. News reports of mysterious demon on the prowl south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Elizabeth and Co. head down there to investigate to find more information, while Eve wanders the Earth. Elizabeth faces the challenge of keeping the morale of the Angels up as well as her perception of humans. Eve faces her own internal struggles between her good (Andromeda) and evil (Eve) self. Vince, in the afterlife, has a heart to heart conversation with G-Man and muses on the decision to return back to life. Back on Earth, Eve shows herself again to Elizabeth and Nightshade as they were visiting Vince's shrine. Later joined by Kuja and Vyers. Eve, displays her monstrous form as the Queen of the Blades to Elizabeth and Co. nearly killing Yoko in the process. After Vince returns from the dead (and a brief reunion with Elizabeth and Co.), he goes off to pursue Eve over the skies of San Francisco while in the heat of battle Eve summons a portal to another dimension unleashing a rain of black walkers onto the city. In Tahoe, Elizabeth sends a distress signal that attracted the attention of General Connie and Saxton Hale who both came down to Earth to lend there hand in the fight. Connie meets up with Vince who informs her of the portal situation and makes haste with a few Angels (Morrigan, Cammy & Lara) in tow to neutralize it. Elsewhere, the rest of the AoC fend off the black walkers. Connie and Co. make there way to the summit to the Transamerican Tower where Connie unleashes her chain lightning shift to reverse the polarity of the portal to neutralize it. The fight climaxes over the Golden Gate Bridge where Eve and Vince face off each other. In the mist of the internal mental struggle in Eve's mind, she pleaded with Vince to let her go and set her free. Vince finally agreed and jabs her in the heart, leaving her alive for only a few tender moments before falling to the Golden Gate strait.

Story written by Poposan & The AoC 

AoC Short Story Seasons So Far

Season 1: The Boss lady: Elizabeth's struggle to keep the spirits of the Angels alive after the loss of their father figure Vince Hale. As it went the stories have been some of my most humerus to date. 

Episodes 17 total. 

You can also look here at AoC stories written by :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: :iconvyersametisto: :icongensamus: 

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If like my work have at it. ^^

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would you guys rather.... 

18 deviants said me bring out the gts image before the style aka bio
10 deviants said keep uploading the style first

I watch you sleep.......


A Shoutout box...THIS IS SPANTA
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Love your Shampoo girl! She be good for posing a car!^^
Mon Jul 1, 2013, 1:25 AM
Hello ^.^ Thanks so much for listing my request :) If there is anything I can do in return for you feel free to note me ;)
Tue Jun 25, 2013, 10:10 AM
I see mines coming up soon! Yaaaaaaaay!^^
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Ethin: I don't read.. It's for nerds.
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Fri Mar 15, 2013, 8:32 PM
Konata: I think we shoul all sit down and read manga!
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 6:09 PM
Ethin: uah... Your insane! I think everyone here is insane!
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 2:33 PM
Mikaze: "Placebo shift." *facepalms* "I completely forgot it can do that."
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 1:09 PM
Mikaze: "I don't know. All I was doing was minding my own business wondering what it would be like to be a giantess like the girls would occasionally become, then I drank some water and the next thing I-- Oh... I must've though drinking water would..."
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 1:08 PM
Ethin: *walks by* what.. What's going on here?
Thu Mar 14, 2013, 9:16 PM
Mikaze: Eh? How did I...? *trails off, still trying to figure out how she turned giant in the first place.*
Thu Mar 14, 2013, 8:31 PM


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If you want to join up just make a character bio.  
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AoC Oc creation Template.

Name: (Be creative)
Race: Admin. Space Born Human, Earthling, Nekoling (Cat person), Demon, Amazonian, Other
Star Rank: (Note) This is for if your Oc is an Admin race)
Star Ships Name: (Optional unless rank 5 Admin or Galaxy police)
Age: (Note) If you put your real age it has to make since.
Job: (Does not have to be an Aoc job can be anything)
Powers and Abilities: (Note if your just human then leave blank or explane why you have them.)
Weapons of choice if any:
Fighting Style:
Fighting Masters if Any:
Family if any: (Not your real family)

Personal Shifts (Note for admins or magic users only)
Theme song: (Optional)  

Backstory: (NOTE) Do not give me a sentence on this…Please write at least a paragraph..

Note me when done.
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