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Give Me An R,A,M,P,A,G,E Whats That Spell? RAMPAGE by Poposan Give Me An R,A,M,P,A,G,E Whats That Spell? RAMPAGE by Poposan
Giantess: Juliet Starling 

Location: Center City California

Gmod Map: Gm_Big City

Time on pic: 3 hours 

Giantess Mood: Evil

Giantess Size Mega

Death toll count  1400

Resurrect Shift Count: 1400

Tanks Filled and Shipped: 28

- AoC S1E11 - Love Birds

- Center City California 3:45 pm - 


A crowed of terrified People run down the road screaming and panicking. People who trip are trampled by the running crowed. Loud echoing booms fill the city as the ground shakes.


Kron4 News: We’re here in down town Center City. Panic fills down town as apparently a giant young woman tears across the city. At this very moment she has been spotted by Highway 101 heading towers San Francisco. As you can see the giants feet leave no survivors the grizzly Sean has been cleaned up by coroners already we see here the giant foot prints left by the woman. Just with a single step she could destroy around ten lives. Please hide and take cover if you see this monster…back to you..(Boom) What was god…(The camera looks up to see Juliet walking towards them not looking down the News crew start to scream and run) How they said she was..AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (A foot looms over them and static)


News Room: Oh my god. Lucy is dead…Uhh folks. Please stay indoors. Hide do something…and to the family of Lucy Peters we are deeply sorry…



-Tahoe California- South Lake Tahoe Shops


Elizabeth: ^^ Shopping always help my nerves ^^ …OH I love that outfit. Nice dress. Oh and the shoes are cute…I should by it..^^ I deserve it ^^  (Walks in the shop) Hello I would like to try on the black dress with the Pumps please ^^


Shop Keeper: Sure miss I’ll go get the Dressing room ready for you.


Elizabeth: ^^


(Some guy walks in looks like a huge nerd)


Elizabeth: (Notice he dropped his pin so she picks it up and pats him on the sholder) You dropped this hun ^^

Guy: 0_0 Your talking to me…

Elizabeth: ..Yea..You dropped your pin. So here you go…(Walks off into the dressing room)

Guy: Smells the pin (What a heavenly Perfume you have my sweet Elven princess) I shall be your champion!

Elizabeth: (Now in dress) Oh it fits like a glove ^^ I love it! I’ll take it!

As Lizzy gets rung up, the Nerd stands behind her breathing.

Elizabeth: …Uhhh hey guy..your kinda in my space of no touchy…

Shop Keeper: Your total comes to 348.78$

Elizabeth:…(Hand her debit card while staring at the nerd in a kind of panicked stare Lizzy leaves kind of fast and jogs back to her car then sits down and locks the door) ..THAT WAS CREEPY! ..


Nerd: My name is Tombo…

Elizabeth: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Juliet: (Evilly giggles) what to do next? (Places her hands on a sky scraper and watches the people run and scream though the glass windows) YOUR GODDESS NEEDS TO EAT AND I THINK IT WILL BE YOU! (Juliet presses her tomb to the glass shattering it the plucks out terrified people one by one and gracefully swallowing them whole) Awww they ran away (Looks down) But not far (Lifts her shoe and stomps down on the crowed that is screaming) I should punish this city it’s so dirty. And god it smells. And on top of that nobody here wants to worship me! So I’m done with it…Your all going to die (Pushers into the high-rise and sends it toppling over crushing smaller buildings, people, cars. Wow ha-ha..I’m such a bitch…What should I do..hey..Spots a tiny running man) Oh no you don’t slips off her shoe and tosses it (It lands right ion him ending him in a second) Bulls eye! ^^ (Slips off her other shoe) That’s better…Wait my socks will get messed up..(Places stocking clad foot on the building and sinfully removes both her stockings exposing her soft bare feet) Now I’m good to go  ^^ Yike the ground is cold..(Stomps away)


Elizabeth: (Driving fast down Highway 50) Okay I think I lost that little creep…phew..(Pulls into Starbucks drive though) ..Yeah..hi buddy. Can I get a Venti Caramel Macchiato…yeah..thanks..(Pulls up to window) Here you go..go go go go 0_0 (Tombo is standing at the window breathing holding out his hand) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Drives away at top speed screaming) (Dialing phone) ..pick up pick up! Come on! DAMMIT VYERS! What could you be doing….


(Cuts to Vyers doing 80’s aerobics in leg warmers dancing) while this plays

Elizabeth: (Pulls into a Safeway) I’ll go shopping..yeah we need Milk…(Walks into the shop and looks around then takes a cart and starts to stroll around to the produce) Wow nice tomatoes…Grabs a few and puts them in a bag to expose a face of tombo (Smiles with his braces)

Tombo:..Hi..will you date me..

Elizabeth: AHHHHHHHHHHHH (runs out and drives off)


Juliet: Fee (Stomps down on a car trying to drive away) Fi (Does the same) Fo (Once again) Fum (Last time) you tiny fools cant out run me ^^ Little dummy’s ^^ (Starts to get shot at from the back) Ohhh the cops…Hey little homys whats up? You trying to stop me? That’s very very cute. With your weak human sized guns. But see my giant sizes feet say different. So (stomps them out one by one. After that she kicks the cars into buildings causing people to fly out and fall to their doom) Score !! Giant goddess Five hundred, little bugs ZERO!

People start to beg for their lives as Juliet stomp up to them giggling) Are you little people for real? I’m not going to spare you…(turns around) Hope you guys are into booty..(sits down on them obliterating them all in an instant)

Juliet: My bad….NOT hahah ^^


Elizabeth: OKAY dude why are you fallowing me! Leave me alone! I have a Taser!

Tombo: walks up to her and hands her a flower) you’re the most pretty lady I have ever met…

Elizabeth:…Awwwww that’s cute ^^ But still. GET LOST!

Tombo: Not until you date me my fair flower ^^ am your Jedi knight and you are my Twi’lek princess ^^

Elizabeth:..FINE! GAHHH Pick me up at eight. Now leave me alone!


Tombo: Yes! Yes! Yes! You’ll see my butter cup you will have the time of your life..(Hugs Liz and places her head in a headlock)

Elizabeth: (Under his pit) ..Oh god…Please take a shower…and stop getting Cheetos dust on my sweater fool. It was more then you make in a year..


Juliet: Now if you tines want to live you will worship my tired feet. Make them feel nice and good again…I’m so tired crushing all your tiny buildings…time for a break…^^ That’s it rub them good or else…good little people..that’s nice (Relaxes in the pose and starts to file her nails)  do a good job and maybe I’ll let you tines live..MABEY…


-Tahoe Lake side manor 7:45 pm-


Elizabeth: (looks mad) well how do I look…

Miku: Ohhh damn girl that’s a nice outfit…you must have scoured a major hunk..


Juliet: Good for you Lizzy ^^ Its nice to see you date.

Elizabeth: For your information. I don’t date Earthlings. But well..he..doorbell rings) That must be him..(Inner monolog) I can’t let them see this guy…Oh god I can just hear it now…..(Takes a deep breath) Okay ..(Opens door) HElloooomygod…..^^

Tombo: (Dressed up in a Twilight sparkle costume) Hey sexy, ready to go to Brony-con?

Celsius: Walks up to the stoop putting her keys in her bag, then walks in the house without a second glance.


Tombo: Its my Princess Twilight Sparkle outfit! Pretty nifty huh….

(Haruhi can be seen with Ethin and Ellie choking on laughter in the side window)


Tombo: My parents should be here any second..

Elizabeth: Wha…?

Tombo: There they are! Mommy over here look at my big boy date!

Elizabeth: I’m in hell please shoot me,…

(Celsius is sitting watching a Tv Show applying lotion on her skin)

Celsius:…I think I did it….

Haruhi: Did what…

Celsius: I just saw the funniest thing ever,…I broke my sense of humor…. I..I don’t think I can laugh ever again…

Haruhi: I CAN…


-In The car-


The whole family is singing badly and loudly The MLP Theme-

Elizabeth: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Starts clawing at the window)

Tombo: My sweet I got you something…


Elizabeth: With sharp anime teeth) You call me that again human I’ll…Ahem…I like gifts..(Inner voice) It couldn’t be that bad….

-Cuts to a bunch of broneys dancing around chanting the theme  to mlp With lizzy in a Rarity hat looking pissed with her arms crossed..)

Elizabeth: I hate my life…..


The End..

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LordVader8000 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Giant Juliet, that means everything on her is huge! :)
Poposan Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LordVader8000 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Yep :)
XOXLadynightshadeXOX Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Wow what a looser who is also creepy at the same time....I think the show is cute. But I'm a girl so I can ^^ Anyhoo, I like the image too and the story was very funny.
Poposan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks luv. 
Morsowsky Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heheh. :D Juliet is on her showtime. :D
Poposan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
damn right.
KujiKuMo Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist

pretty fricking sweet job on this image its simple yet effective a pretty girl (juliet) a impressive pov (the image) and some really good lighting and efects

nice one man!
Poposan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot ^^ I like how it came out. 
spalpp Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
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