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Little Big Trouble by Poposan Little Big Trouble by Poposan

Deviant Mentions  :iconsir-ethin: :iconsimsda: :iconxoxladynightshadexox:


Giantess: Gaige


Location: Center City California 


Gmod Map: Gm_BigCity


Time on pic: 6 hours


Giantess Mood: Relaxing


Giantess Size Mega


Death toll count:  348 


Resurrect Shift Count: 348


Tanks Filled and Shipped: 20

Chaos Angel Gaige by Poposan<------Chaos Angel Gaige

The Titan Slayer by Poposan<---Last time on AoC

Bikini-Clad Goddess by Poposan Aftermath Part V 

Role Play ideas

A: Military Fighting The Angel

B: Surviving the gts

C: Blind Date with Gaige

Angel Room

Gaige: So yeah this was a past shift we did some months ago. I had fun that day..Squishing little people can be fun..

Candy: yeah it sure was pretty that day...

Ethin: hey You guys want to know something? 

Maya: What? 

Ethin: We just smoked an entire an hour...

Gaige: That explanes the flying....

Ethin: And this.....

Starts to play…


Gaige: ROCK ON!

All head bang

Sims: guys are fucking stupid...enjoy the show....

-Aftermath Part IV- The Man In Black 

Nightshade: Vince…I need you Vince! Please come to me..I can’t…Gets stabbed by a shadow then slice across the neck)


Elizabeth: VINCE You have to .. (From behind she is ran though with a katana)

(The girls one by one are hacked down by samurai steel)

Nightshade: Vince why did you have to D…..


Vince: AHHHHHH! (Sits up in a bed in a pool of sweat)  What an odd dream…

Eve: What’s wrong honey? (Walks out from the bathroom with a tooth brush in her mouth) 

Vince: Been having bad dreams again…I’m all right… (Eve kisses Vince on the forehead, and walks out of the bedroom) I sure wish I could get to the bottom of these dreams… Why are Elizabeth and Nightshade dying… Who are the girls that die in the end… Who is this killer… (Vince puts on a tank top and opens the blinds)

(The rooms Blinds open letting the sun shine in. A radio broadcast is herd from the radio clock by Eve and Vince’s Bed)

Radio: It’s a beautiful 70 degrees here on planet Corinth today. Great news for those of you heading to the beach looks like great surf and perfect weather all this week.

(A little girl comes running in the room, then grabs onto Vince’s waste)

Little girl: DADDY Mommy says you had a bad dream again, Are you okay?

Vince: Yeah I’m all right now Beebe.. (Pats the child’s head then lifts her up and walks into the hallway, then the kitchen) Okay luv, what do you want for breakfast?

Beebe: Cookies ^^

Eve: That’s not a healthy breakfast darling…

(Eve Poor’s some cereal into a bowl with milk and turns around then Vince hands the child a cookie before Eve turns again)

Eve: ..Honey did you want some breakfast?

Vince: Yeah..

Eve: The usual?

Vince: ..Yeah ^^

 Eve: Okay ^^ Slaps a huge steak on an indoor grill

Beebe: Daddy likes meat too much ^^

Vince: That I do…

Beebe: Just like my silly grandpa ^^ (Kisses Vince and Eve then runs outside to play)

Eve: That child is a ball of energy…

Vince: (Biting into the steak like an animal) …You got that right)

Eve: I got an idea..(Tosses a fork at him) Try that.. ^^

Vince: Forks are for quitters…

Eve: Grrrrr

Vince: Hey, hey no worry’s ^^ (Starts to cut his meat with a knife and fork) See…(Smiles then does it again when Eve turns her back)

Eve: Well you enjoy your steak, Oh I forgot the steak sauce (Bends over exposing her panties then walks over to Vince eating then hands him the sauce giving him a hard glance at her cleavage.

Vince: Good god..(Shatters the mug he was holding from squeezing it to tight) Well that was great thanks for breakfast luv ^^

Eve: (Looks upset)

Vince: Hmmm Thanks honey?

Eve: (Groans)

Vince:…Oh (Kisses Eve then gets a hug) (Inner Monologue) What could be a better life…Hot wife who I may add where’s short shorts…very short. OH THE SHORTNESS! Cute daughter…and STEAK! My life is so perfect ^^ what could make this more perfect….

Eve: HEY, I just remembered I cooked a pound of bacon just now…

Vince: (Squeals like a girl and starts to eat it like a horse from the hot pan with his face)

Eve: Well I’m going to change; (Winks) Want to help?  

Vince: NOM, NOM, NOM (Sticks his face up) WAIT A TICK …THAT MEAN SEX! (Doesn’t touch the floor as he runs upstairs)


-One hour later on the beach-

(Vince is instructing Beebe in a kendo lesson)

Vince: Now Beebe the greatest rule about Kendo is patience’s…also not thinking of your blade as a sword but as an extension of your arm…got it?

(Beebe is chasing a sand crab around laughing)

Vince: I miss my steak….

(Cuts to Eve walking up from the house in a sundress holding a pair of wedge cork sandals walking in the sand barefoot to Vince)

Vince: Hello beautiful ^^ (Eve sits in the sand between Vince’s legs)

Eve: Isn’t she perfect? (Looking at little Beebe)

Vince: Oh yeah.. That she is indeed.

Eve: I love you..

Vince: I love you most..

Eve: (Starts to kiss Vince then looks at Beebe again) Oh honey no! Don’t touch that fitly thing…(Runs off)

Vince: (Chuckles and lays in the sand then starts to have a fit again)

(Voices) Vince why didn’t you save us! We died because of you!

Vince: Ahhh (gasping for air) Not again…(Looks at the sea to see a man in a blue suit looking at him holding a brief case then slowly walks away into the water and vanishes) …I need a drink…

-Back at the house –

Eve: Honey, are you feeling okay? (Feels Vince’s forehead)

Vince: Yeah just got a bit overheated on the beach…

Eve: Well take a rest okay (Kisses him on the lips) I’m going to take Beebe to get a new dress, be back in an hour…


-20 minutes later –


Vince is on the sofa trying to sleep then the voices start again.

Voice: She’ll kill us all Vince…Big brother help us!

Vince: Gahh! (Sits up) Every time I try to relax. And what’s with that man I always see….This is all just so odd…(Walks to the bathroom and splashes water on his face.) I need to unwind…Grabs his fishing poll from the closet then the voices start again this time causing him to fall to his knees.)

Voices: The world can’t survive without a hero! Be that hero! Save us Vince!

Vince: What do you want from me! (Screams at the top of his lungs)

(Opens the sliding glass door and shouts show yourself! I KNOW YOUR WATCHING ME YOU BASTARD! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?)

Voice behind Vince: Nothing Mister Hale…I am simply here to watch…and make sure you are happy…

Vince: Who are you? (Turns around to reveal the same man sitting in a chair drinking scotch)

Man: Who am I? I hadn’t given it a thought yet.. Mister Hale. I suppose you can just call me …The G-man…

Vince: Yeah okay then G-MAN now kindly tell me why the voices won’t go away in my head..?

G-man: A past life no doubt…..

Vince: come again?

G-man: forgive me mister Hale, but they are indeed premonitions of what’s yet to unfold in your past life…Its seems you were highly connected to it and well events with great energy are seeping through the cracks…

Vince: so these events will happen in another life…Wait. It’s coming back to me….I DIED…didn’t I..?

G-man: Nods

Vince: that means all this isn’t real….

G-man: It is a real as you make it… Mister Hale..

Vince: I remember. A planet…-Earth! There were my girls…my pretty girls…and my friends…There in trouble aren’t they?

G-man: It would seem your feelings for them are strong even in death Mister Hale..

Vince: What can I do? I want to go save them…..Eve…Wait…that woman in my dreams…its…(Falls to his knees) Eve…

G-Man: It is unfortunate you had to find this out. For this paradise was a reward for your sacrifice Mister Hale…

Vince: Beebe, My Beebe…your just a dream…..I don’t know if…I love that child…But she isn’t real..(Tears roll down his face)

G-man: I can give you life again Mister Hale…But know this…this paradise you see before you will be no more…for you would be giving it up to live again…

Vince: and what are you anyway? Why do you give me this choice? From the looks of things you want me to return to save the galaxy…What if I’m not strong enough. What if I don’t go back? Couldn’t you step in and finish the task…?

G-Man: We prefer to... stay out of mortal affairs… Mister Hale…

Vince: So anyway is fine for you….you could care less if the galaxy thrives or not. You’re an ancient aren’t you?

G-man: ….(nods)

Vince: I need to think about this…If I go back I cannot fail….If I leave here My daughter and wife are gone…I can live in this eternal paradise forever…

G-man: the clock is ticking Mister Hale…(Vanishes)

Vince: ….(Falls to his knees again and screams)


-4 hours later –


(Vince opens the sliding glass door to see Beebe and Eve covered up on the sofa sleeping with the TV on)… Starts to play..


(Vince kisses both of them and sits in an arm chair and watches them sleep, then after a bit he goes out on the deck again)


Vince: Where ever I go…Whatever I see, I will never forget the time spent here with you my child, and my love. I will free you Eve. I will set you free from whatever it is causing you pain in that world… I love you. I always will… Our love is eternal and is a bond that can’t be broken…I love you….

-White light flashes-


G-Man: Rise and shine, Mister Hale. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again.

G-Man: The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Hale. Wake up and... *smell the ashes*...


To Be Continued.….

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